The Bird Call Lady Nicole Perretta

Nicole Perretta can imitate 165 total bird calls. She is unique among bird call imitators as she uses her voice to imitate most of the birds instead of whistling or using sound devices. She learned to produce bird calls between the ages of 6 and 11 years of age. It was at time she discovered she could capture the attention of the birds around her. She could change the direction of a flying raven, have a dove follow her, or make a hawk dive bomb an invisible foe.

Nicole has performed on national telesion. She was featured on the ," Tonight Show with Jay Leno ", twice, on October 13th, 2003 and Nov 23. 2010 , and " The Ellen Degeneres Show ", January 5th, 2005.

Tonight Show 2003
Jay and Nicole 2010
Tonight Show: Dwayne Johnson, Jay Leno, Nicole 2010

Featured Segments:

Festivals and organizations the Bird Call Lady has performed for:

Chula Vista Nature Center

Tijuana River Estuary Nature Center

Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center

San Diego Natural History Museum

San Bernardino County Natural History Museum

Zoological Society of San Diego, San Diego Zoo

San Diego Bird Festival

Salton Sea Bird Festival

Yuma Birding and Nature Festival

San Diego Audubon Society

Palomar Audubon Society

San Diego Field Ornithologists

California Game Bird Soceity

San Diego Finch Society

Hookbill Hobbiests of San Diego

North County Aviculturists

California Hawking Club

San Diego County Game Bird Breeders

San Diego Bird Breeders

San Diego Finch Society

National Wild Turkey Federation, Spring Round up


Habitat Heroes

California Open Wildlife Art Festival

Valley Verde Birding and Nature Festival

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

Othello Crane Festival

Midwest Birding Symposium

Living Coast Discovery Center

San Diego Museum of Man

Earth Institute

Borrego Springs Desert Birding Festival


eBook for iPad and iPhone

Birders and naturalists can enhance their birdwatching experience by imitating bird calls. This ebook will teach you how to imitate birds vocally and how to attract them to you. Each chapter is enhanced with audio instruction and bird call examples. Contains sound files, videos, and full color illustrations.

Bird Calling App for Android

Have you ever gone birding and heard birds, but didn't see them? They may be shy of humans, but they're curious about their own kind. "Bird Call Lady" Nicole Perretta teaches five sounds that are the basis of most bird calls. By combining these sounds you can learn to call songbirds, hawks, owls, and game birds, and draw them into the open, or even have a conversation!

The Bird Call lady is available for performances and voice overs. Email:

Species List

Water and Shore Birds

1 Common Loon

2 Great Egret

3 Chinese Goose

4 Ringed Teal

5 Killdeer

6 Black-bellied Plover

Heerman's Gull (7 yelp and 8 juvenile whine)

9 Black-necked Stilt


Cooper's Hawk (10 kak, 11 begging call)

12 Northern Goshawk

13 Red-shouldered Hawk

14 Red-tailed Hawk (begging cry)

15 Swainson's Hawk

16 Osprey

17 African Fish Eagle

18 African Pygmy Falcon

19 American Kestrel (klee, begging call)

20 Peregrine Falcon ( kak)

Game Birds

21 Valley Quail

22 Gambel's quail

Wild Turkey (23 cluck, 24 gobble)

25 Great Argus Pheasant

26 Indian Blue Peacock

27 Button Quail

28 Willow Ptarmigan

Domestic Chicken (29 Hen calm call , 30 feed call, 31 alarm call, 32 Hen with egg cluck, 33 rooster crow)

34 Ruffed Grouse

35 Blue-billed Currasow

36 Jungle Fowl (crow)

37 Temmnink's Tragopan

Cranes and allies

38 Manchurian Red-crowned Crane( pleasant call, aggressive trill, trumpet)

39 Madagascar Button Quail ( cluck, female courtship Trill)

40 Kagu

41 American Coot


Mourning Dove ( 42 song, 43 alarm call, 44 juvenile begging call)

45 Inca Dove

Rock Dove ( 46 territorial, 47 courting)

48 Diamond Dove

49 Eurasian Spotted Dove

Orange-bellied Fruit Dove (50 soft coo- ecstatic call, 51 trill, 52 brrrr call)

Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon (53 trill, 54 wail)

Ring-necked Turtle Dove (55 coo, 56 laugh)

57 White-winged Dove

58 Pink-headed Fruit Dove

Insular Blue-crowned Pigeon (59 wale, 60 coo)

61 Wampoo

62 Lilac-capped fruit Dove


63 Green-checked Amazon

64 African Grey Parrot

65 Yellow-headed Amazon

66 Moluccan Cockatoo

67 White-eyed Conure

68 Green-cheeked Conure

Cockatiel ( 69 call, 70 song)

71 Little Corella

72 Blue and Gold Macaw

73 Red-sided Eclectus

74 White-capped Pionus ( fledgling call)

75 Kea

76 Kakapo (male courtship)

77 Black-capped Lory

78 Horned Parakeet


79 Livingston's Touraco

80 Ross's Touraco

81 European Cuckoo

82 Greater Roadrunner

83 Bare-faced Go-away bird

84 Chesnut-breasted Malkoha

85 Great Blue Turaco

Owls and Nightjars

86 Western Screech Owl( hoot, trill)

87 Barred Owl

88 Great Horned Owl

89 Northern Pygmy Owl

90 Barn Owl

91 Poorwill


92 Anna's Hummingbird

Woodpeckers and allies

93 Acorn woodpecker

94 Northern Flicker

95 Swainson's Toucan

96 Gaudy Barbet

97 Nuttal's Woodpecker (trill)

98 Curl-crested Aracari ( searching call)

Hornbills and related birds

99 Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

100 Red-billed Hornbill

Sulawesi Hornbill ( 101 Alert, 102 Food begging)

White-headed Hornbill ( 103 alert call, 104 food begging)

Kingfishers and allies

Lilac-breasted Roller ( 105 begging whine, 106 cry, 107 aggression)

108 Laughing Kookaburra

109 Micronesian Kingfisher

110 Eurasian Hoopoe


111 California Gnatcatcher

112 Northern Mockingbird

113 Varied Thrush

114 Phainopepla

115 Helmeted Friar bird

116 European Starling( fledgling)

117 Indian Hill Mynah

118 Zebra Finch

119 Red-eared waxbill ( alarm call)

120 Lesser Goldfinch

Canary (121 chirp,122 trill)

Raggiana Bird of Paradise

123 American Crow ( caw, rattle)

124 Rook

125 Clark's Nutcracker

Common Raven ( 126 far away call, 127 begging call, 128 low call)

129 Scrub Jay

130 Orange-crowned Warbler

Recently added Bird Calls

131 Swainson's Thrush

132 Harris's Hawk

133 Northern Cardinal

134 Mountain Chickadee

135 Greater Flamingo

136 Putt call of Wild Turkey

137 Humbolt Penguin

138 North Island Brown Kiwi

140 Emu

141 American Bittern

142 Willet

143 Black Skimmer

144. American Oystercatcher

145. Rufous-collared Sparrow

146. Audubon’s Oriole

147. Pink-backed Pelican

148. Long-billed Corella

149. Bald Eagle

150. Great Blue Heron

151. African-crowned Crane

152. Western Gull

153. Ostrich

154. Pied-billed Grebe

155. Toco Toucan

156. Gila Woodpecker

157. Red-winged Blackbird

158. Song Sparrow

159. Ash-throated Flycatcher

160. Great Kiskadee

161. Sandhill Crane

162. Impeyan Pheasant

163. Tambourine Dove

164. Grey Peacock Pheasant

165. Sharp-shunned Hawk

To contct Nicole please email her at:

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