Bobby Taylor

This is my grandfather, father of my mother. I never really got to know him because he died when I was three years old. However, growing up I have heard much about him and have taken an interest into him. He served greatly for our country and was a good husband to my grandmother. He was in the army and fought in the Vietnam War.

USNS Geiger

This is a picture of the naval ship that Bobby was transported on to Vietnam. He was deployed March 30, 1971

Bobby's dog tags
Bobby's medals accumulated through years of dedication to his country

These are letters of commendation given to soldiers along with there medals. They are to recognize those who go above and beyond for our country. You will notice the air medal was signed and given to him by John Norton. This was his general and friend at the time. This man whose life had been saved by Bobby.

Bobby's Promotion to Sergeant Major
Norton's Gift to Bobby

This is a bible given to Bobby as a token of gratitude from General Norton.

Letter from Commander In Chief

This is a letter from President Richard Nixon. He personally thanked my grandfather for his service to the country.

Soldier and Husband

Bobby was not only an outstanding soldier but husband as well to my grandmother. Their marriage lasted for 38 years. July 4, 2000 Bobby passed away from emphysema.

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