Education in Clay County By: Whitney fowkes & Sophia Heinemann

Clay County South Dakota is home to 10,284 student’s thanks the University of South Dakota. This total does not include those who have recently graduated or those who failed to graduate. In an interview with Jessica Livingston, age 24, information was revealed about her college experience at the University of South Dakota. “USD is the only school I applied to because all my friends were going. I thought I really liked my program…and then doing more work into it I found I didn’t like it as much,” Jessica said. In the year 2000 the Census reported that from ages 18-24, 3,099 people only reached the point of an associate degree or some college experience. Jessica said she is contemplating finishing her education at USD in the future, but is currently undecided on a major.

In the year 2000 the Census conveyed that 463 people from ages 18-24 attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Brittany Livingston, age 24, explained that she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014 at USD. “I’m glad I completed my education at USD and attained my degree,” Brittany stated. Brittany described some of the factors that went into completing her degree and where her motivation stemmed from. “My family and friends supported me and my professors gave me the encouragement I needed,” Brittany relayed.

In conclusion, the rate of people in the same age group that attended college and completed it vs. the rate of those who only finished half are outstanding. The interviews conducted sampled twin sisters who grew up in the same household and were exposed to the same influences. This research presents that outside factors can affect an individual and their decision to complete their education, regardless of the circumstances. As Jessica said, her decision to discontinue her education was due to her own personal conflicts. In comparison, Brittany was able to finish her degree without any outside conflicts unlike Jessica. This proves that it is difficult to determine whether one will attain a degree or choose to discontinue their education.

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