Revolution in Technology By justin smith

Past the industrial revolution


Meanwhile we were just the beginning to discover the searchers of coal power and iron production

Technological development

And Britain had plenty of money to invest in new businesses and technology

Positives and negative effects on society

" we cannot maintain our freedom and independence as a nation without big factories and all it represents" Prime minister of jawaharlal Nehru of India
The industrial revelution had lots of positive effects on scociety. There were lots of new jobs created and good became more affordable to more people. People started to live longer and it became easier to travel place to place
There were also many negative effects. Child labor was wild spread and accidents in factories were common. Cities become over crowded and sanitation was horrible
A revelution in farming methods led to a sharp increase in the population and many people moving from the country to the city looking for work

Steam power and iron were used to create the first railroad which helped people and products to get to place to place much faster, canals, steamboats, and turnpikes, and also added to the transportation network

As population decided to increase, demand for goods grew, and suppliers needed to find ways to produce more and more

New machines used to spin ad weave cloth was housed in factories that allowed the workers to produce goods at a much higher rate

A new understanding of coal power helped inventors create the steam engine and a new type of iron that was cheap and dependable

Steam powered and iron became the basis of the machines in the industrial revolution

Revolution of technological development

Technological development

Facebook is beating all the other social medias when it comes to growth and population with 600 million users world wide including 30 million from the U.K. (Half the population)
The internet was created in 1969, Motorola first mobile phone was created in 1973, the launch of the first pc was in 1982, last year the apple I pad launched
There are over 2 billion internet users worldwide and 5 billion people who use phones daily 1 billion of the phone users is subscribed to 3G which means you can access the internet without wifi or a router


The launch of the internet made poeple create friendly user devices so they can browse the web mobile

Mobile phone usage is rapidly growing in nations with less money because with cheaper phones the low cost makes it more affordable than fixing a phone line

An event that occurred in the digital evolution is cloud computing, instead of buying a new hardrive/device you can store all or your memerories on the cloud to save money and make easier.

Positive and negative effects on scocietY

" I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it" Bill Gates
There are many positive effects the digital revolution has such as, new vocab such as (LOL,OMG,LMAO) and emojis to make texting faster/easier, make new friends over social media, and online shopping so it make your experience convenient and prices could be cheaper because there is no middle man to sell the product for more.
There are many negative affetcts of the digital revolution as It affects sleep deprivation when you look at your phone at night, lowers social skills because you have any real life interaction, also many conflicts that have to deal with technology that apps people have created have many bugs/ glitches.


Technological development

The first steam locomotive train known as the penydarren was invented by Richard Trevlithick in 1804 the train was able to carry 10 tons of iron
In 1885 The first gasoline engine was developed by Carl Benz this was a one cylinder twostroke car which ran for the first time in 1879
In 1903 Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the Kitty Hawk which was their first powered aircraft with success and flew


Cars were invented for the reason to see if people could actually make transportation easier, European engineers started to try to make the idea of a motor powered vehicle
Hgihgways were created to forinternstional security that's why there wide enough to hold planes and tanks
Flight engineers made the cargo plane to transport different goods in bulk, this cargo plane can hold 26,000 cubic feet of different cqrgo

Negative and positive effects

"The airplane stays up because it doesn't have the time to fall" Orville wright
Transportation has many positive effects such as transporting long distance of bulk cargo, traveling long distance faster, and gaining money off of male and taxi
There are many negative affects as well for transportation such as gas prices fluctuate, some machines such as planes and boats malfunction at times, and pollution the fumes that comes off of burning oil and gas .


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