sharks maDE BY THOMAS

Sharks are mammals they can be brown, blue, and molten color. They can be up to 20 feet long and can weigh up to 300 pounds. They have gills, fins, and a tail. Some of the sharks other family members are the hammerhead shark, great white shark, and the cookie cutter shark.

Sharks are carnivores and sharks eat other sharks, squids, and stingrays. Sharks have no unusual eating habits but the swallow their food whole.

Sharks live in every ocean. They blend in at the top of the ocean because it’s light. They blend in at the bottom because it’s dark at the bottom. Sand sharks shelter is in the sand. Sharks live on their own and with others.

The cookie cutter shark glows in dark for communication.

Sharks enemies are other sharks, humans, sea lions, and sea crocodiles. Sharks protect themselves with teeth and soll tooths.

Mako sharks can swim fast enough to catch dolphins. Soll tooth sharks have a soll for promotion. Scalloped hammerheads often swim in huge groups whitetip reef sharks hunt at night. Mega sharks eats micro food.


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