Pathology Presentation by Dolly Krohn

What is pathology?

Pathology is the study of the causes and effects of diseases. It's the branch of medicine that commonly deals with examining bodily tissues and other specimens for diagnostic or forensic purposes.

What are the requirements to become a pathologist?

A forensic pathologist must first earn a bachelor's degree, then a medical degree, either an M.D. or D.O. Extensive additional education and training is required, including four to five years of training in anatomic, clinical and/or forensic pathology and a one-year residency or fellowship in forensic pathology.

How much do pathologists make?

A Pathologist earns a salary somewhere between $144,000 to $216,000 based on experience and education levels. Pathologists get an average wage of One Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred dollars on a yearly basis. Pathologists have the highest pay levels in Minnesota, where they receive wages of close to $218,180.

New trends in pathology?

Whole Slide Digital Imaging- Whole Slide Imaging Systems (WSI) rapidly scan and produce fully digitized 3D images of slides. In a perfect world, pathologists would not be relying on the microscope and the AP LIS as their primary tools. They would use combinations of WSI technology—Anatomic Pathology LIS and other software programs to aid in making “microscopic” diagnoses and to rapidly transmit and archive relevant information.

Nanotechnology- The science of building miniature devices out of very small particles such as individual atoms, molecules, viruses, or cells, merges biological and IT science. Nanotechnology has the potential to exponentially increase computer power through smaller, faster computer processors.



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