Markintosh Mark Anthony Lemus

Hello, my name is Mark Anthony Lemus and I began my journey through photography during freshman year of high school. I actually never chose to join that class they just messed up my schedule and gave me that but I'm glad I did. I enjoy photographing natural things like plants and animals the most as I find things that are undisturbed and untouched to be the most fascinating. I also enjoy black and white photography as well as photographing abstract things. My favourite camera technique is using a low depth of field as I like having a sense of mystery in my shots. I shoot things I like and nothing more. Sometimes they come out good and sometimes they don't. I've never really been one for trying to have the best shots rather just having things I enjoy and/or make me question what's going on in the shot. I complied this page of some of my favourite shots and I hope you enjoy.

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