The Best Adventure of candy By Brian Ramos

5 out of 5 stars

Run time 1 hour and 40 min

Recommend age 1 and up

Do you like chocolate?

Then you should watch Willy Wanka and the chocolate factory

This movie is about a little kid whose name is Charlie and he got the golden ticket to go in a very cool factory. Willy Wanka is the oner of factory . Charlie is inviting one person to the factory tour. Do you think it is grampa? This movie is in older version but it is so funny. The characters are funny. There are scenes that makes you laugh.

Willy Wanka,and the chocolate factory my favorite character are Augustes and Veruca. Augustes is funny because he is fat and he got stuck in the chocolate sucker. Veruca is funny because her song was funny and when she scream when she was going down. Preston said "Augustes is funny because he got in trouble".

I recommend this movie because it is funny and it teaches a lesson of not being naughty. I will give this movie 5 out of 5 stars because it is funny and entertaining. If you like funny movies then you should watch it. It name is Willy Wanka and the chocolate factory!!!!!!!!!

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