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Stephanie Molden, MD

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Sciton was created to provide advanced laser and light sources to the aesthetic medical market. With almost two decades of performance behind us, Sciton systems have become the standard of care in each application our products address.

LEFT: Dr. Jim Hobart, CEO Jim Hobart, PhD Position: CEO Experience: 51 Years Jim designed the first commercial laser in 1965. He continues to design and innovate ever generation of every type of laser ever since. Co-Founder of Sciton. Right: Dan Negus, PhD, President of Sciton. Dan Negus, PhD Position: President Experience: 35 Years Dan co-founded Sciton with Jim in 1997. He has decades of experience designing and building innovative lasers.

We are a privately owned medical device company established in 1997 providing advanced technology to medical professionals worldwide. Sciton's mission is to provide performance leading systems, offering unparalleled reproducibility, efficacy and safety. We look to give physicians the highest possible value while providing extraordinary reliability and durability. We aim to solve real problems to improve the human condition.

Designed in California Manufactured in California. Supported in California.

From design and manufacturing, through post-sale service, we are committed to producing and supporting systems that exceed expectations. Sciton products offer unmatched quality and performance, allowing physicians to safely achieve stunning clinical results, the highest patient satisfaction, and to obtain the most value from their investment.

Sciton operates on a worldwise basis with direct sales forces in the United States and Japan distributor partners in more than 45 countries. Sciton is ISO 13485 certified and follows strict U.S FDA guidelines.

Our flagship, Joule system exemplifies our approach to producing high quality, expandable platforms with no consumables that can perform a wide variety of procedures. The Joule allows physicians to customize their own system one application at a time. This cost-effective and expandable approach, built with the highest performance and quality, offers superior value over other systems.

Your Joule system.



Hair Removal - Skin

Degree by Degree Sapphire Cooling Control and Ultra Large Treatment Head


BBL Pigment: 2 Treatments. Courtesy of Dr Laura Ganger


The most comfortable and safest hair removal treatment.

diVa expands the broad range of Sciton's JOULE™ platform capabilities to address a woman's most intimate challenges. diVa is the world's first hybrid fractional laser for Vaginal Therapy and Vaginal Restoration. diVa is the only device available that includes HPA (High Precision Automation) technology to ensure the safest and best treatment outcome for patients and predictability for the operator. Additionally, diVa's dual-wavelength hybrid technology and tunability allows operators to customize treatments based on a patient's age, symptoms, and desired results.

Rest easy. You're covered.

While under service contract, you can expect (although we cannot guarantee) that any problem will be resolved next-day if Sciton HQ is notified by 2:00pm. Sciton takes great care of all their customers - but you get an extra advantage because our factory, repair facilities, and parts inventory are located close in Palo Alto. While under warranty, there are no deductibles, shot counters, proration, or required maintenance visits or calibrations to pay for. After your initial service contract expires, you can extend your service contract or self-insure. Additional years of services contract can be purchased now at a substantial discount.

Your Original Joule System

$229,493 ($5,000/month)

$119,407 discount off list price

  • Joule 1470 High Powered Diode Laser -$41,500
  • Joule 2940 Er:YAG Laser -$30,200
  • Broad Band Light Arm -$42,000
  • Halo™ module -$51,000
  • diVa™ vaginal laser module -$64,000
  • Forever Young Broad Band Light Filters- $20,500
  • Forever Clear Broad Band Light Acne filter -$3,600
  • Forever Bare Broad Band Light filters -$25,600
  • ProFractional™ - Deep resurfacing module-$43,000
  • Contour TRL™ - Deep resurfacing module -$20,500
  • Canfield Reveal Manager Camera -$7,000

Your Joule System Includes:

$173,852 (3,300/month)

$111,548 discount off list price

  • Joule 1470 High Powered Diode Laser -$41,500
  • Joule 2940 Er:YAG Laser -$30,200
  • Broad Band Light Arm -$42,000
  • diVa™ vaginal laser -$64,000
  • Halo™ module -$51,000
  • Forever Young Broad Band Light Filters- $20,500
  • Forever Clear Broad Band Light Acne Filter -$3,600
  • Forever Bare Broad Band Light Filters -$25,600
  • Marketing -$7,000

$107,368 Discount June 2017 Promo/Luminary


  • June 28th - $10,000 deposit due
  • July 11th, 20th, 28th, 29th - (Choose 1) Mint Aesthetic Consultation Course these dates
  • Week of July 11th - Practice Development Staff Training which includes; cash pay consulting scripts, Emma and Sara to review internal marketing campaign, review external marketing campaign (social media, billboard, etc)
  • July 15th - (Choose 1) St Louis, MO LASER & LIGHT PHYSICS COURSE
  • July 30th - Deadline to finalize financial agreement
  • August 19th - (Choose 1) Denver CO LASER & LIGHT PHYSICS COURSE
  • END OF AUGUST - Joule delivered and 1 day clinical training scheduled
  • September 7th - Open house weekend after Labor Day

$7,000 Marketing Capital towards Billboards, PR, social media, etc...

Rejuvenation MedSpa Pricing

Estimated Payment Schedule

July 11th - Practice Development Staff Training

July 11th, 20th, 28th, 29th

Mint Aesthetic Business Consulting Course

Marketing Examples

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