Maisie and Phobes Sail

Maisie and her older sister Phoebe were in line to board the Titanic they were the complete opposite from gutted they were so ready to get to New York.

" I can't beleive that mum and da got us First Class we will be like royalty even though we already are !" Maisie explained.

" Maisie you know we are not royalty they you can't tell people we are. " Phoebe said.

The two sisters got to their room and they were Gobsmacked the room was so nice they couldn't beleive they were going to stay here for the next week. they dropped off their bags and went down to the Dining room to get a good snack.

"I have hear that they have delicious tea-times here." explained Maisie.

Maisie was definently right about that heir tea-time options were amazing. They never wanted to get off this was the nicest place that they had ever seen. Maisie and Phoebe were so knackered they just went back to their room and just chilled and got ready for dinner tonight. For some strange reason Phoebe kept on getting weird feelings that something bad was going to happen. She had no idea what but she just tried to forget about it. She just felt like they were going to have hard cheese she had no clue why though. They went to dining room and had dinner it was the best they had ever had. They were so tired and it was brass monkeys outside and they had on party dresses. They went back to their room and started to get ready for bed they just must of been tired from the long journey they had, had to get to the ship.

" Maisie I really do feel like something bad is going to happen like something extremly terrible. " Phoebe explained.

" Phoebe there is nothing to worry about they don't call this the unsinkable boat for nothing. " Maisie said trying to calm Phoebe down.

" I know I'm just really worried, but you are right this is the unsinkable Titanic. "

The girls got ready for bed but, they weren't really tired anymore because people outside there room would not shut their laughing gear. They just talked and talked and talked for hours they just didn't want to sleep anymore. Out of no where they felt a bump into the ship it felt like people were just getting pasted outside and got slammed into their door. Phoebe imediantly jumped up and went outside and looked she had no clue what that bump was. She saw the workers stressing and knocking on everyones door. She ran in and got Maisie and told her we need to get off the ship right now it is flooding. They ran out on the deck with heavy jackets on and the warmest clothes they could find. The girls could hear people in the backgroung telling the workers this is all just tush, but they kept walking. There were so many argy-bargy's going on to. Phoebe and Maisie saw the life boats and they knew that they were going to get spawny.

They were letting the women and children go on first and, since they were some of the first people out there they got on the first lifeboat. They were chuffed that they got to get on one of the lifeboats. Maisie and Phoebe were getting lowered into the water when one half of the boat was starting to crack. The men on the ship lowered them into the water and they were rowing as fast they could. They could hear the people on board talking nineteen to a dozen. There were so many people running around screaming it was just gammy. The girls felt very bad about leaving the other people on the ship but they were glad that they got off as soon as possible.

Phoebe and Maisie saw the ship with wan crack down the middle and it broke in two. They could not believe that they got off even before that happened that half started to slowly sink. There was noise everywhere now since one half had sunk they couldn't even take a gander they were all so devistated and they all thought that, that could have been us. Maisie and Phoebe immediately told there captain of there life boat ta!

" Maisie I'm starting to feel grotty. " Phoebe explained.

" Your probably just sea sick. " Maisie said on the bright side.

They heard the band playing the whole time trying to keep everyone calm but, nobody really was. There was so much noise and out of no where there was not a single sound except the waves crashing up against the highest part of the ship. They just kept rowing and rowing and rowing until they saw a boat it said on the side " Carpathia" it was so dark and freezing so they just yelled until they got help. Maisie and Phoebe were now on the Carpathia safe and sound and never wanted to think about that moment in their lives ever again.

  • gutted - sad
  • mum - mother
  • da - father
  • gobsmacked - shocked
  • tea time - snack
  • knackered - tired
  • brass monkeys - extremely cold weather
  • laughing gear - mouth
  • paste - fight
  • spawny - luck
  • tush - non sense
  • argy bargy - argument
  • chuffed - pleased
  • nineteen to a dozen - talking very fast
  • hard cheese - bad luck
  • gammy - useless
  • wan - one
  • gander - a look
  • ta - thank you
  • feeling grotty - not well


Created with images by Elsie esq. - "Titanic in dock" • TapisRouge - "waffle tea time dessert" • Traveloscopy - "Deep Ocean Expeditions" • Patrick McConahay - "Her Maiden Voyage" • Susan -** - "Titanic" • robmba - "Titanic"

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