In the 21st century, humanity destroyed Earth, the survivors had to leave and find a new home, they settled on the planet Mercury. They worked together to build a home for their children in hopes they will survive we call them The Founders. The Founders named our home Nova Base. They saved us.

Nova Base

The Government of Nova Base is a very complex system The Founders created the laws obviously, but the government keeps the order. If one of us breaks one of the many laws that makes up our society, he will be put in a special room which opens into space and will be sucked out. We technically are dictated by the Elders but we don`t

Here is a list of ten rules that we strictly abide by;

Do not kill other citizens, Do not steal from other citizens, Do not cause fiscal pain to your self, Do not destroy public property, Fall in at roll call, Do not take food out of designated areas, Stay out of fenced off areas, Listen without questions to the Elders, Bow to the gods, Do not go into the dog park.

One of our five schools on Nova Base

One of our most important buildings in our community are our schools, it is very important that we have intelligent children in our home, for example, what if we gain a leak in our walls? We rely on our younglings.

We teach many things in our schools, for instance, the laws, how to fix leaks, basic rocket science (for the First Years), advanced rocket science (mandatory), academic math and science, chemistry, and many more.

We try to forget the old days of Earth but there is an occasional murmur of what it would be like if we still lived there. We also try to be as different as we can from our past schools and teach things we actually use.

Family #342

For our families in Nova Base, they are each assigned a number. The purposes of the number is, in case a member gets lost, you can tell an Elder your number and he/she will round up all of the other members, the numbers are also used at rolecall for reporting if all members are present.

When a child turns 17, they will be given an apartment and that will be there new home. the apartments are more or less the same except for the Elders' penthouses. All of the apartments are the exact same size, they maybe compact, but inside it is very roomy. The Founders made it like this so we wouldn't have our children wasting space in the apartments.

The apartments.

For the jobs of our community their is many, like Engineer, Teacher, Scientist, Surgeon, Executionist, and lots of others. The Engineer's job is to make sure there is no leaks in the protective atmosphere and if there is, fix it. The Teacher's job is teach our children the subjects I told you about above. The Scientist's role is to update and create new technology to keep us safe from the vacuum of space. The Surgeon is only used when a citizen is severely injured. The Executionist does, well, you know.

If you want a job, ask your Teacher to write down your abilities on a sheet of paper. Teachers always pay attention very closely in order for you to get the perfect job and be happy. If you want to be an Engineer, Teacher, Scientist, or Surgeon, you have to be very smart because if you say something or do something wrong it will effect someone. But if you want to be an Executionist, you have to be able to kill.

Once your job has been given to you, you will immediately start training. The training is usually very hard and sometimes gory or painful.

The type of currency we use on Nova Base.

If you ever want to buy anything on Nova Base, just go down to the Marketry, there, you can buy any nessecities you will need with your currency card. A currency card is a small piece of plastic that is given to you at 17 along with your house. To fill a currency card, you must work for 3 hours every day, once you have worked that long, your trainer will take his own currency card and transfer 300 credits to yours. Credits are what is on your currency card.

X-Bike, one of the fastest vehicles in Nova Base.

143 T-Wing Luxury Travel Ship. One of the best ships out there.

Audi Comet, an extremely fast, smooth riding, hover bike. Very expensive.

Mercedes Benz Biome, A beautiful car for any of your travel needs.

In case you need to get somewhere fast, there is lots of options, you could take a Mercedes Benz Biome which is very fast and great at travelling distances, or a 143 T-Wing LTS which is very comfortable but expensive, or maybe an Audi Comet which is very fast, or you could try one of the fastest vehicle in all of Nova Base, the X-wing.

None of our vehicles need anything to drive and barely ever break, even in a crash. If you do not have any vehicles of your own, you can take the SkyTran which is a medium sized pod that you can sit or stand in with a group of 7 other people and it slowly brings you to your location.

The SkyTran

In case you were wondering, it is always warm in Nova Base. We tend to think that being warm means you are more happy. If you ever want to be a little more colder, there are special areas in Nova base where it is cold.

We also have multitudes of animals in our community, The Founders saved as many animals as they could when they started Nova Base on Mercury. The animals that are currently here are, Cows, Chickens, Dogs, Cats, and a lot more. The Dogs and Cats are our Animal Companions other wise known as pets, and the rest are used as livestock and food.

Everyday, all of our citizens have two hours of recreation for physical activity. You can go anywhere you like during recreational times just as long as you don't go into the dog park or the fenced off areas. Do not ask about the dog park. We have spotted hooded figures in the dog park.

If you think about it, nothing has really changed between recreational time in Nova Base and recreational time on Earth. Even as The Founders tried so hard to separate us from our past, nothing has changed.

of Nova Base

Our scientists work very hard on all of our technology, they take pride in their work and always argue who´s tech is the most advanced. One scientist recently created a robotic butler to do all of our needs, the man said it would make life way easier. The Elders denied him saying that it would make the citizens lazy and arrogant. We don´t really know what happened to him after that. Some citizens say that we have it all, but some are a little unsure.



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