Barry and Jans adventure In Australia and NeW Zealand

Our lovely Singapore Airlines stewardess

Loved flying with Singapore Airlines. They presented us with a cake and champagne for being on our honeymoon. So funny! Barry kept saying in a stage whisper " when did we get married?" Great flight. Over 100 movies to watch. No sleep though and our eyes are hanging out; as the picture shows. Now in hotel room and going out to have a few beers to help us sleep. Ps Barry's crashed and I'm wide awake πŸ‘€

Day 2 - Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Slept really well and was out quite early. Went to museum at Changi for WW 11 atrocities with Japan. Very interesting. Extremely hot. Nearly got thrown off bus on way back for not having correct money. A lovely Singaporean man stepped forward and paid our fare! Went on evening tour of Singapore. We look rather damp in this photo. The humidity is playing havoc with our hair.

Overnight flight to Sydney and didn't sleep a wink. Dumped our bags at our airbnb and went off to circular quay and a ferry ride to Watson Bay for fish and chips at the world famous Doyle's. Frippin hot day suddenly interrupted by the biggest dump of rain. We both fell asleep on the ferry back.

Sydney harbour bridge
Sydney opera house

Pleased I took these photos as it's hardly stopped raining since.

Took the ferry to Parramatta and ate Turkish (as you do in AU). Met up with our niece, Shelley and Pat, in their very nice hotel. A complete coincidence they are in Sydney the same time as us

Of all the bars in this town, you had to walk into mine

Got absolutely soaked walking back from meeting Shelley and Pat. Boy, when it rains here, it goes for it.

A crumpled pair of tourists

15th March 2017. Back to ferries again and over to Manly beach. Big surf area but surf was messy. Took more pictures of opera house. It was supposed to rain all day and didn't so very happy about that. Then took another ferry to Cockatoo island to see convict cells from the 1800's. Barry fell asleep on this ferry too. Back to Nina's and Barry questioning her about Putin and Crimea. Nice light conversation 😩

16.3.17. - absolutely hissed down as we walked to another incorrect bus stop. The bus drivers are getting used to throwing us out at traffic lights or giving us a kindly talking to about flagging buses down! Oops. Took another ferry to Darling harbour and took shelter in a coffee shop for over an hour. It was monsoon conditions.

A very wet Darling harbour.

Off to Auckland tomorrow.

Uneventful plane journey to Auckland and picked up by Joseph our airbnb host. Joy of joys, it's not raining! Airbnb is different and doesn't seem as nice as Sydney but it's ok. Not sure about sharing one bathroom with 9 people. Could get a bit crowded! Chatted to our hosts for a couple of hours and put the world to rights whilst eating Chinese takeaway. I'm hoping our diet will improve over the next 3 weeks when we have more control in our motor home, otherwise we'll come home stones heavier. Off to pick up our van in a few hours. 😁😁🚎

18th March 2017

Picked up our van and headed North of Auckland. Didn't drive too far and went to Snells Beach. Lovely afternoon. Barry used beach BBQ to cook our steak dinner. It's lovely here.

Snells Beach

19th March.

Shortish drive to Leigh and to a basic but great motor home park. Beautiful day. Very sunny and warm and we're both glowing. Walked along beach but bit too stoney to swim. Loving our van. To use the satellite dish you have to take a compass bearing and point the dish vaguely in the direction of North. Needless to say we nearly lost the great big sky dish as we didn't store it properly. Hopefully it'll still work. Watched rugby in the pub and had a few NZ beers. A good day.

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