My Beach Utopia By: mariana Garcia

My utopia is has to be a beach where is warm and I can see the ocean all the time.

My Shelter has to be a small house with a large garden and with a pool facing the ocean. Also have electricity the the time at home.
Food I have to have endless food resources when I'm living on the beach because I get hungry all the time. Also I would have a chef to cook and teach me how to cook my favorite meals.
Entertainment it will have a large Tv on the living room, and my room so I could watch Netflix when the weather is bad. Also have good book to read on the beach and have my phone to talk to my family and friends. also go outside and take walks and explore around me.
Hygiene, Clothing I have to have hot and cold water running all the time in the house because hygiene is a very important specially when its really hot outside. Also have clean clothes all the time.
  • Essentials
  • Food
  • Electricity
  • high speed internet/ unlimited data
  • Entertainment
  • Books
  • Shelter
This Symbols is represents my tribe group the lion because we work together and it makes us stronger and we work together as a team. The purpose that is relate to my utopia is that it makes me strong and don't have to worry is something happens.


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