Allison Zurawka My Culture

My name is Allison Ruth Zurawka

I was born is michigan which is in the usa

This is the city I was born in it is called detriot, it is home to many people.

The bald eagle is the animal of freedom,

And the flag.

My Old Famliy members
My great grandpa and grandma

My favorite foods

Nerds are from Canada
I'm German,Sweden,Canadina, and Polish plus more.
My mom's side came to the U.S.A for jobs

When my dads side came they went on a steamboat and stoped at ellis iland and they where in second class! They came here for a beter life and freedom.

I say it would be cool to speak german one day but I can only speak english.

German words
Maps of my culture


Sasge and rice
Kabasa and sour crout with hot sauce

We always have a polish dinner on Christmas eve

Audry stays thanksgiveing night

Now you know where I am from, some of my favorite foods,why my family came and languages I can speck, and my traditions.

Hope you liked learning about my culture🙂


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