leonard digges report

By conna

In 1583 Leonard and Thomas Digges invented the telescope as we still use them to day to look up into the sky and see thing close up as we have meatal ones his was made from wood, and polished glass.

When he was constructing it Thomas his son would follow in his footsteps to become a great inventor in 1609 Galileo galilee used it for astronomy Galileo did not make the telescope but was commonly credited for it. Lipperhey combined curved lenses to magnify objects up to three times the size of the naked eye.

Leonard Digges was born 1515 and died in 1559 (aged 44) regardless of the inventor most of the earliest telescopes used a curved lens made of polished glass. The first telescope was used by merchants to upcoming trade ships.

1.Hans lippershey is kwon earliest written record of a refracting telescope.

2.the telescope is one of man’s best inventions advice that simply made far things close.

3.hans lippershey was born in vessel in western Germany in 1570.

4.Almost every major observatory since then has been built in the clear thin

Air of a remote mountain top.


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