Ghost Mills a Walking the LAnd exhibition

Walking the Land Collective’s artists and makers creatively examine the mills of the Stroud Valleys. They seek traces, remnants and ghosts of the past and present, while imagining those that may occupy the future.

Ghost Mills at SVA's John Street Galley, Stroud, GL5 2HA. September 2019

'Scarlet, Lot 33'. oil on canvas by Christina Bingle

'Stroud Scarlet' letterpress poster

by Kitty Crossley with text by Stuart Butler

'Ghost Mills, Brimscombe'. acrylic and mixed media

by Deborah Cox

'Shall We Forget the Song of the Spinners?' Madder root Anthotype on recycled paper

by Nettie Edwards

'Tributaries' mixed media

by Annelies Egil

'Ring of Mills' video

by Andy Freedman, Richard Keating & Alan Mossman

'Mills of Future Past'. ink on Japanese paper scroll

by Andy Freedman, Richard Keating & Alan Mossman

'Warp and Weft'. letterpress print

by Lucy Guenot

'Time • Trace • Topography'. mixed media, found bobbin and Japanese paper

by Zoe Heath

'Everything changes over time - The site of Little Mill on the Slad Brook. mixed media

by Ruth Illingworth

'Nailsworth Stream 1 & 2' photogram

by Thomas Keating

'Time • Trace • Topography'. mixed media, found bobbin and Japanese paper.

by Susan Kester

Multiple titles. mixed media with photography

by Sabine Kussmaul

'The Ghosts’ Legacy - A Walk Along the Frome'. mixed media

by Rachel McDonnell

'Pinning & Fulling the Valley'. pins & woollen cloth

by Caroline Morris

Kel Portman

'144 meditations, 21940 paces, 18 Mills #2'. editioned book printed on archival paper

by Kel Portman

'The Mill Turned' ink, digital & manual print on paper

by Valerie Coffin Price & text by Mark Husband

‘These Golden Valleys...’ digital Images on tracing paper

by Deborah Roberts

'Domain 2019'. timber, sisal twine, brackets

by Alice Sheppard Fidler