FROM FOSSILS TO FINCHES Year 6 Spring Term 2 2021

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Work will continue to be set on Purple Mash.

You will find the weekly timetable both on Purple Mash as a 2Do and on our Federation website under the heading 'Remote Learning'.

Our daily blog will be live from 10:15-10.30am Monday to Friday so join us to do a daily challenge with your friends and teachers! We also have help pages on the blog that you can use to support each other with your work - staff will be checking these regularly too.

This term's topic is called, From Fossils to Finches: Discovering Darwin. As well as researching this important Shropshire-born naturalist, biologist and geologist, we will accompany him on his expeditionary voyage, aboard HMS Beagle, explore his widely accepted theories on the origin of species and investigate adaptation and natural selection.
in English, the independent me will develop our creativity, imagination and confidence by:

- studying our key text 'The Island' by Jason Chin and 'Jemmy Button' by Jennifer Uma

- writing a journalistic report (hybrid) about Charles Darwin’s discoveries using our Gateway, Mastery and Feature keys.

In reading, the independent me will develop our imagination and confidence by:

- studying our new book, 'The Explorer' by Jacqueline Wilson

- exploring the meaning of words in context

- asking questions to improve understanding

- drawing inferences and predicting how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning

in geography, the independent me will develop our imagination and self-esteem by:

- following in Darwin's footsteps as we investigate the countries and physical characteristics of South America

- identifying and describing the geographical significant of latitude and longitude

in mathematics, the inquisitive me will develop our curiosity, reasoning and problem solving skills by:

- finding rules, forming algebraic expressions and solving simple one and two step equations

- consolidating our understanding of area and perimeter of 2D shapes, including triangles and parallelograms, and volume of cuboids;

- calculating ratio and scale factor in order to solve ratio and proportion problems

In science, the inquisitive me will develop our curiosity and questioning skills as we:

- begin to recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.

- recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents; identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.

Through British Values, this is me will develop respect and consideration as we:

-vote on class rewards and explore the importance of having a voice in society

-follow the Academy Golden Rules and discuss why laws are important in society

-form and share my own opinions on weekly topical issues

-develop respect and tolerance of others and their beliefs through discussions in RE

In PsHE, THIS is me will develop our responsibility and respect. We will:

-- know the impact of food on the body, e.g. creating energy, giving comfort and altering mood

- know about different types of drugs and their uses and their effects on the body particularly the liver and heart

- evaluate when alcohol is being used responsibly, anti-socially or being misused

- know and put into practice basic emergency aid procedures (e.g. the recovery position) and know how to get help in emergency situations

- understand what it means to be emotionally well and can explore people’s attitudes towards mental health/illness


through Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning, we will develop consideration as we:

- reflect upon what ‘salvation’ means to me in the context of Easter

- discuss the impact of Charles Darwin’s controversial theories of evolution by natural selection on a Christian society

- continue to take part in class-based meditation and well-being sessions

in computing, the inquisitive me will develop our reasoning skills as we:

- Use Purple Mash to Set IF conditions for movements; Specify types of rotation giving the number of degrees; Change the position of objects between screen layers (send to back, bring to front); Upload sounds from a file and edit them; Add effects such as fade in and out and control their implementation

- Combine the use of pens with movement to create interesting effects; Set events to control other events by ‘broadcasting’ information as a trigger; Use IF THEN ELSE conditions to control events or objects; Use a range of sensing tools (including proximity, user inputs, loudness and mouse position) to control events or actions; Use lists to create a set of variables and Use a range of Boolean operators

- Understand how simple networks are set up and used; Choose the most suitable applications and devices for the purposes of communication; Use many of the advanced features in order to create high quality, professional or efficient communications; Select appropriate applications to devise, construct and manipulate data and present it in an effective and professional manner.

in drama and role play, the independent me will develop our confidence as we:

- take on the role of Charles Darwin to explore the Galápagos islands using a map; retell the story of how the island was created; refer to maps to make the link that Jemmy Button was returned home by the HMS Beagle en route to the Galápagos Islands; as part of a group, investigate a different character’s (Jemmy Button, his family, the visitors, Captain FitzRoy and the scientists, naturalists, explorers, the people of England, including the king and queen and his new friends) point of view to then debate – was it right to take Jemmy Button to England?

in re, the healthy me will develop our spirituality as we:

- explain the place of Incarnation and Salvation in the ‘big story’ of the Bible; explain connections between Luke 24 and the Christian concepts of Sacrifice, Resurrection, Salvation, Incarnation and Hope, using theological terms; make clear connections between Christian belief in the Resurrection and how Christians worship on Good Friday and Easter Sunday; offer and justify responses as to what different beliefs in Resurrection might make to how people respond to challenges and problems in the world today.

in pe, the healthy me will develop our physical fitness and resilience as we:

- learn techniques to apply in different game situations (benchball and netball) to support in: attacking and defending; selecting the most appropriate tactics in a game.

will learn how to work successfully as a team.
In music, the creative me will develop interpretation as we:

- sing or play from memory with confidence. All our learning will be focused on one song - ‘you’ve got a friend’ by carol king.

In art, the creative me will develop exploration as we:

- investigate art by Paul Cezanne.

- sketch, refine shade and blend before creating a final piece inspired by Cezanne.

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