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I love following this mom on Facebook because she is so honest and funny. She tells her kids, and everyone watching her vlog, of how she is raising her kids to not be lazy adults and that she is their parent first, not a friend. https://www.facebook.com/KristinaKuzmic/ Along with her personal page http://kristinakuzmic.com/ This is one of the first two videos I saw that got me hooked on her. She talks about she is not their friend, because she loves them. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/moms-viral-video-explains-why-you-shouldnt-be-friends-with-your-kid_us_573f16d6e4b00e09e89ec325 Here is her youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQA1BP64hgYBVi3cHcKyG7A I just love her humor and blunt honesty about how she raises her kids. She can enjoy a laugh over the tough side of parenting. This is my humor style when it comes to challenges in life. The other one that I have been following for years is my cousin’s wife and daughter duo who are so entertaining that I look forward to reading them and when I miss them for a bit, I really notice. Patricia is an artist and photographer and has some beautiful work. Alyssa writes with a grab you feel and you want to keep reading. I love some of the duo shoots they have down out in the winter snow in this beautiful, long dress or robe, like little red riding hood and they are stunning photos. I have considered printing them for framing in my house because I love them so much. Here are two articles I found on Alyssa. http://www.kzooconnect.com/blog/alyssa-gapske?view=recent http://www.kzooconnect.com/blog/dressing-for-hoildays?view=recent Their duo page, Glitter and Grey, is on a secure server. We need to sign up for an account, then be approved by them to read their blog before you can view it. I have signed up and am awaiting approval. I did begin to create a blog page there also, not sure if I will use it. But I only see the posts they share on Facebook. https://glitterandgrey.wordpress.com/
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