Water shortage

Vocab words

Shortage : A situation where something can’t be obtain.

Dams: A barrier that is build to hold back water to raise the water level.

Outage: when supply is not available.

Water tankers: A big storage place for water.

Irrigation: The supply for watering crops to help growth, it can make plants grow more effectively.

Crops: Plants that grow out to be food, such as corn,vegetable or fruit.

Drought: Low rainfall activity that affects shortage of water.

Deficit: The amount of something that is very small or is running out.

What is water shortage? How do we use our water supply?

Water shortage is a lack of available water resources. This is a problem happening all around the world and more than 1.2 billion people have no access to clean drinking water. This is a considerable problem because the lack of water will grow as time goes by which will soon become a worldwide problem. Water is needed for a variety of things. Agriculture especially needs a huge source of water because farmers rely on constant watering for the growth of their plants (Chandio). Crops such as rice, potatoes, corn, and beans are a few examples of crops that need daily watering. Miroslav Trnka, a professor at the Czech Academy of Science, remarks that the use of water grows two times faster than the growth of human population. On average, a person uses 80-100 gallons a day and the majority of water are wasted on toilets and showers. This can be easily controlled if people are more cautious with their water usage. There are many different areas around the world where water shortage occurs, there are also ways the people struggle to get the water they need.

Where do the shortages occur?What do those people do to get water?

Droughts often occur in California, the southeastern United States, sub-Saharan Africa, and Australia. In Syria, the people rely on water tankers to deliver clean water. For some people who can’t access this resource, they have to use unclean water nearby or live without some for a while. Over the last four years, California has experienced many droughts for them to consider water as a scarce commodity. In the future, 40 out of 50 states have at least 1 region that is going to face water shortage in 10 years (Kincaid). The US is one of the richest and largest country in the world, yet it still faces this water outage. Depending on where you live, water can be a really big problem. In Syria the people rely on water tankers to come by and give 20 liters of water, but to the citizens, this amount it not enough (“The Associated press”). The city water outage in Syria lasted for nearly two weeks, because the government struggled to protect the resources. In this case, water shortage can be prevented by using it efficiently and by following different sustainable methods.

what are some method to save water?

There are many ways to save water, some really good methods are using greywater and rain collection such as water towers. These are ways to prevent A water outage because this is a sustainable way to reuse water. The government is making a rule that buildings have to have a water saving system (“Daily Nation”). Greywater is water that came from washing machines, sinks and showers that is then filtered and made toxic-free so it can be used for toilets. Miroslav Trnka, a professor at the Czech Academy of Science directed that the obvious step that needs to be taken is water towers that collect rain water. Rainwater collection can be a big solution, it can be used later for watering plants and even boiled to be used for drinking and cooking. This may seem like these are small acts to save water, but for big buildings this is a big act to save supply for countries or even the next generation. In addition people with given access to their used water information could help by knowing how much water they are using.

How do people know their water usage information?

There are many ways to keep up with your water usage, one of the efficient way is using hydrao and apps. Hydrao is a equipment that attach to shower heads to show how much water you are using in the shower. It is a design that atomize water into tiny droplets rather than pushing out larger ones, and illuminated shower heads that go from green to red (Lavars). This product is useful because not only it helps atomizing the water, it also keep track of your water usage and give you sign when you use a certain amount. Users can create individual profiles to log showers and track overall water usage, customize the color and set water savings targets (“Daily nation”). The smart shower app can let people be more cautious with their water usage, because when people actually look at how much money they are spending on water they will me more self aware. In addition saving water will help extend the period of water outage.

What will the future water condition be like?

The future generation won’t be able to escape water outage because we took water for advantage. There are only 1% of drinkable water left in the world, seeing how people use water it will be in demand when we no longer have it. People DEMAND for water from all sectors and the demands are higher than the available resources (“faowater”). There is only 1% or less drinkable water in the world, depending on where you are in the world you may not be able to access drinkable water and that 1% isn’t going to last for long. As the population increase more people are going to need water and the resources are more limited than we think (“What can be done to stop global water scarcity”). Right now the world can barely maintain the source so in the future water is just going to be a desire for something that may not be fulfilled. Water shortage may be a thing that we can’t stop from occurring, but this is still a concerning problem, therefore using water efficiently will help the future generation.


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