Art Portfolio 2016-2017 Bethany Parker

My name is Bethany and this is my first year of high school art. I took this class so that I could get the art experience. I hope to become Spanish Immersion teacher when I go into a career. I liked this art class because of the way that it taught me how to use value and make things take shape. I also liked the atmosphere of the class and the freedom we were given.

These drawings are different way of drawing contour lines. Contour lines are the basic shape of the picture. These are all drawing of the same shell. The top left drawing uses pure lines. Pure lines are continuous, smooth pencil strokes. The top right drawing uses hide and seek lines. These lines are ones where there are prices missing and aren't continuous. The bottom left drawing uses broken lines which are lines that you would use when sketching something. The bottom right picture uses bold lines. Bold lines are very dark and more distinct.
These three drawings are my blind contours. I drew them while looking at the object I was drawing rather than the paper. The picture on the left is of a friend whom I was sitting next to. As you can see I had everything but it wasn't in the right place. The image on the top right is of the creases on the inside of my palm. In this exercise I wasn't paying much mind to detail and just drew the big lines so it didn't go well. The last image on the bottom right is of the full contour of my hand. I tried to get the outside and the inside and I got them both pretty well except they didn't line up with each other.
These two pictures were drawn upside down using quadrants. This exercise helped me to stop seeing the shapes that I already know and see the space around the form instead which helped to create the right picture when I turned it right side up again.

Positive and Negative Space

This piece is of an apple using positive and negative space. Positive space is drawing the object with the details on the inside like the part of the apple on the left. Negative space is focusing on the details outside of the object and just doing a contour of the outside of the object like the part of the apples on the right. One of the hardest parts was not using too heavy of pressure when drawing because that left indents in the paper. I learned to use lighter pressure when drawing during this project and have improved.

HanD drawings

These two photos are of my before and after hands. Above is the hand that I drew in the beginning of the year. I knew nothing of value or contour. I drew the shapes and lines that I knew and not what I was really seeing. Behind is the picture of my hand after I learned value. I began to draw the lines that I saw rather than the shapes that I knew. I also leaned to use my negative spaces and positive space by drawing in my very dark spots and erasing my light spots. I also leaned how to make it look more realistic by not outlining my hand and making it look like the fingers were round by adding value. This piece is one of my favorite pieces that I did this semester.


This is a profile view of one of my friends. Though the face doesn't look much like her, the hair and the clothes look very similar. The texture of the sweatshirt was much simpler than I had originally thought, using my eraser and my pencil to create more value it created the texture of the sweatshirt that I wanted. The element represented best in this piece was texture as seen in the hair and sweatshirt.


This cupcake was created using stippling. Stippling is creating value and texture using dots. My project didn't turn out as I had hoped but the cupcake tasted good after I took the picture at least. The wrapper has good value but the cake part and the frosting weren't as good. I didn't know how to use the stippling skill to create texture as well as value.

Still life

This is my still life drawing. I drew what I saw of the pile of stuff from my angle. The part I like the best about his piece and the part I think I did the best on is the vase. I like the way that I can see the texture of it and the different values depending on what is in that area. The element that I used best in the project was probably the space. The placing and the positive and negative space seemed to work well in this project.


This picture originally has a lot of value in the cape. I didn't draw it as well as it should've been and you can see the scratch lines but overall this project was somewhat successful. The face was very hard to do without making it look hairy but I found that crosshatching gave a better show of skin rather than hairy or fur. I also outlined too much in this project I think the hood would've looked better if I hadn't outlined it as much. Overall this piece isn't the one I'm most proud of and it isn't the best but it's not bad.

Two point perspective

Behind and above are my before and after two point perspective drawings. In the before picture I didn't have any value and it was very plain. In my after picture I used my horizon lines, and my vanishing points to get the correct angles. I learned that horizontal lines always go to the vanishing points and vertical lines are always drawn completely vertically. This piece is definitely one of my favorites along with the hand because of how well the value turned out and the angles. This is one of the better pieces that I did.

Self portrait

These two images are my before and after self portraits. I have improved greatly and am happy with how it turned out. The hardest part was getting the right values and blending without smudging. The image below is my original drawing. It didn't have much value and the nose is heavily outlined along with the lips too. The placement of the parts of the pictures has changed too. In my previous one I drew what I saw rather than what I did in my more recent drawing which is drawing what was actually there.

RUscha Ribbon

This is a drawing of the word "try" with shadows. To do this we wrote the word using paper strips and placing it under a light to create shadows. This project was one of the easier ones we did. It dint turn out exactly how I had hoped but it's not bad.

Some of the challenges that I found during this class were that I continually pressed hard and left indents in the paper. That was difficult to fix because I grip my pencil tight but towards the end of the semester I wasn't pressing as hard. I also found that it was hard because I like everything to be perfect and not everything can be perfect when you aren't as good at art. I was displeased with many of my projects initially because they were what I had imagined or though I could do. I enjoyed the way that this class was taught because I didn't realize that I was learning because I just did the skills without realizing it and I learned a lot because for every skill I did I learned another one.

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