War Torn Iraq! To what extent did the death of SADDAM hussein, and the new Iraq government effect the civilians in war torn iraq?

Saddam Hussein was a socialist dictator in Iraq. After the Persian Gulf war the UN used economic sanctions to prevent the build up of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In 2002 the Bush administration believed that Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group was making more WMD. President Bush decided to invade Iraq in 2003, to make sure that Iraq would not have the ability to obtain WMD. The war raged on until December 2003, where Saddam Hussein was found in a 6-8 foot deep bunker hiding. The war continued till his death. He was then tried for his war crimes in international court and was hung by the neck until death on December 30, 2006. The war did not stop, but continued to rage on. Because of the war, millions of people left homeless, family less, and hungry in Iraq.

The UN (United Nations) try to provide food, medical care, and water to damaged areas. Soldiers are needed to protect the people getting help, and the UN supplies.

Even after Saddam Hussein died and the war on Iraq's WMD program ended, people still fought in the streets. From March 2003-June 2006 there were 47,000+ violent deaths bamong civilians.

The Ba'thist political party, of which Saddam Hussein was apart, was still brutal and violated many human rights of the Iraqi people. Not much had changed.

As seen in these photos the people in the areas of Iraq touched by war are in bad shape, but luckily there are efforts to help them. We here in the U.S hear bout such horrible things, but never understand. After all of my research I now know how bad it really is.

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