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While better known for its video playback and editing software releases, Cyberlink’s Power2Go 11 Platinum suite doesn’t disappoint when it comes to disc-burning. Ripping, burning, and authoring are all made easier thanks to a super-intuitive user interface coupled with some off the best disc creation technologies in business. Further, Power2Go 11 Platinum expands its horizons with complete support for multimedia conversion, giving you that much needed ability to make your videos work on whatever device that you own -- Cyberlink’s TrueTheater technology also makes an appearance, providing instantaneous visual enhancements to converted content. Power2Go 11 Platinum caps things off by doubling up as a backup solution while also bringing military-grade encryption algorithms as a means to secure invaluable data.

Ripping and Burning

Power2Go 11 Platinum makes disc-burning a breeze, thanks to dedicated options that walk you through everything that you want to perform. The super-intuitive user interface featured in Power2Go 11 Platinum features all options in a larger thumbnail-based format -- Data Disc, Video Disc, Music Disc, etc. -- that let you easily find out what you are looking for. Want to burn some data onto a disc, for example°? Just click Data Disc, and you can select whether you want to burn files to a CD, a DVD, or a Blu-ray disc.

Direct copying between discs are also made possible, where you can simply specify an optical drive and either have the data copied to your hard drive initially or have it done on-the-fly in case of multiple disc drives. In addition, Power2Go 11 Platinum also lets you mount disc images onto virtual drives and have them copied onto an actual physical disc. The direct copying feature is ideal when you want to keep multiple copies of the same disc for distribution or backup purposes.

Power2Go 11 Platinum also features unprecedented support when it comes to burning videos discs. While you can create videos discs from other video sources -- discs or folders -- you can also author your own discs, which is pretty exciting. By walking you through each step of the way, you can insert video files, determine output quality, fit data onto discs, add chapters, create menus, etc. Menu addition is made even easier thanks to the dozens of pre-built menus already bundled in with the application.

On the audio-side of things, Power2Go 11 Platinum provides everything that it takes to create music CDs. Simply import your playlists from other media players or create them yourself, determine the file format, and burn them on a CD. Power2Go 11 Platinum also features audio ripping capabilities to many different formats -- MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. -- that you can then choose to either burn back or keep for storage purposes.

Converting and Transferring

In addition to providing you with everything needed to create data discs, video DVDs/Blu-rays, and music CDs, Power2Go 11 Platinum also lets you transfer videos directly to mobile devices. In addition, the application also features Cyberlink’s proprietary TrueTheater technology that allows for automatic enhancements to copied content, resulting in significantly better looking videos after the transfer process. Power2Go 11 Platinum deploys components such as TrueTheater Lighting, Denoise, and HD to make these automatic enhancements possible.

Since various mobile devices feature incompatibilities across video formats, Power2Go 11 Platinum resolves them with the inclusion of dozens upon dozens of conversion profiles for any device that you may own. Whether it’s an iPad Pro, a Google Pixel, or an Apple iPhone 7, Power2Go 11 Platinum features a pre-built conversion profile that you can instantly use to convert a video to the appropriate format. Quality settings can also be adjusted to make the conversion process happen the way you want.

Power2Go 11 Platinum even includes technology dubbed “Smart Detect” that detects any devices connected to your computer, where it then selects the appropriate conversion profile automatically for you. In addition, Smart Detect even goes so far as to select optimal quality settings such as video resolution, bitrate, etc. After making your transfer, you don’t have to go searching around for supported media players, since a Power2Go 11 Platinum purchase automatically entitles you to a Power Media Player license free of charge.

Download and Backup

If you are an avid fan of online videos, you might be in for a surprise with Power2Go 11 Platinum. By including the functionality required to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr, you can now have your videos present directly on your hard drive instead of wasting Internet bandwidth on subsequent viewings. What’s more, you can even choose to copy your downloads directly onto disc, making Power2Go 11 Platinum the perfect application for online video archiving.

Power2Go 11 Platinum also brings to the table various miscellaneous features that focus on both system integrity and security. For example, you can choose to create backup data files that you can easily recover with the use of optical media or flash drives, making it the ideal solution against data corruption. Further, Power2Go 11 Platinum provides access to military-grade 256-bit encryption, allowing you to secure your optical discs from unauthorized access.

Should I Buy It?

Power2Go 11 Platinum features some of the best disc creation technologies ever put together in a disc-burning application, going so far as to rival even some of the heavyweights such as Nero Burning ROM. With the ability to seamlessly burn all kinds of disc formats, ranging from simple data discs, Blu-rays, to audio CDs, complete with unprecedented disc authoring tools, you won’t ever have to look elsewhere for your disc-burning requirements. What’s more; Power2Go 11 Platinum also acts as a media conversion utility, allowing you to play your videos on any kind of device that you own. It wraps things up with comprehensive online video playback and backup features, establishing its reputation as one of the finest disc-burning utilities ever released.

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