space!! Pop art

3/10/17- When choosing an artist, and I was very intrigued by Takashi Murakami's work and interesting characters. It made me want to create a story out of it. After thousand thoughts going through my head I thought of a story of an astronaut watching earth from space. To make it exciting I decided to take the fantasy inspired ideas of Murakami. My pop art book will have an astronaut witnessing the world being eaten and exploding from outer space.

3/14/17- I must plan my design and get it approved by the teacher. I have made a very rough sketch of my paper in my sketchbook. I plan on using emotional, organic lines and shapes on my final piece. This is to imitate Murakami's line style but still manipulate it into my own style.

3/20/17- I am going to create the astronaut cover page. I'm going to figure out a way to make the helmet slide. The helmet slide would be interesting and kind of a touch of interaction with the viewer, over all just making it a bit more special. I prefer drawing in a more cartoon/ pop style anyways so drawing the astronaut should not be a problem.

3/22/17-I have to color and complete my astronaut. I'm using markers and pens. The pens are varied in thickness so the astronaut is dimensional and not boring. The color of markers I'm using are bright and the majority are pink. This is used simply for aesthetics and also to contribute to the pop art element.

3/24/17 I'm doing the same exact thing except it's with an astronaut with the helmet on. I'm gonna try to put a board on it by the end of the block. After I complete that I am going to start drawing my design for my pages. I scrapped the Idea of the sliding astronaut helmet for the cover page. I might think about it again later though.

3/28/17 I have completed my cover pages and I am moving onto the page designing. The paper is much bigger than the cover pages were but that may be because we are splitting these in thirds. My design is the world exploding, I am going over with pencil first and then pens so my lines will be precise. I plan for the explosion within to be colorful and mixes of prints.

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