Thinking Overboard Overthinking

Think of your mind being a basketball hoop and your thoughts being the basketballs, your goal is to score in the basketball hoop but think of it as you storing your thoughts into your mind



If you have ever played basketball you will know that if you overthrow the ball you will miss the hoop, now if you think about what I said earlier with your mind being the hoop, overthinking can make you miss the important things what is actually happening for instance when overthinking you might make up things that haven't already happened or are unlikely to happen.

Treatment 1:Change your view

Change your view on yourself

The first treatment of overthinking is to change your view on yourself, the biggest symptom of overthinking is feeling like you are useless to anybody, but that's just you creating that bad situation that you definitely aren't in. Firstly go somewhere quiet, empty and calming, then take a third person view of yourself but think about the good things like your personality and qualities. After this try thinking about how you can use your qualities to get yourself out of your dilemma.

You could even ask a friend or family member to help identify these qualities, they can then help you get out of the dilemma.

Treatment 2: Distract yourself from the emotional pain

Distracting yourself from emotional pain can be hard but once you start to distract yourself it becomes easier to get used to. You could go into the garden or go to the nearest flowery field, doing this you can gaze at the colourful flowers and calm yourself down, maybe you could compare yourself to the flower. Also, you can wait for the night and gaze upon the night sky with the stars.

I feel that the best way to distract yourself from your pain would be to ask a friend to come over and both of you do something together that calms both of you it could be doing a big puzzle or just sitting down and watching your favourite movie. Having someone there with you helps to keep you calm and distract yourself. It might also work both ways if your friend has the same issue.

The best way to keep your emotions positive, would be to list the reasons why you are overthinking and what problems you create and then you can look back over them and think about how you can stop it and make sure it does not happen again.

Reframe your anger

Blank Canvas

If you ever get angry, you can do a number of things to calm yourself, you could get a pillow and punch it or put in some earphones and listen to positive rock songs very loud but not too loud or you'll make yourself deaf.

Another great way is too think about some memories when you have been on holiday or spent some time with your friends even if it's when you cried or laughed in a film so much you couldn't breathe.

In my opinion, the best way would be to motivate yourself into making or doing something productive, you could ask a family member to help you build something like a tree house or maybe a bird house for birds to eat from.

Go easy on your friends

When you are going through tough times, go easy on all of your friends. It is important you do not take it out on them. This is because your friends are the best people to go to when going through these type of problems.

Maybe asking your best friend to help you when you are upset will be the best thing because they will tell you how you can deal with it and maybe your friend might ask you to help with a problem they have, this makes the both of you bond together.


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