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About me

Hi, I am Christopher F. Ziemba, I am an art student from Michigan who really loves visual representational art that illustrates a story. My favorite sty;les are manga and abstract art.

Logo Design

Over the last couple of months during commercial design, we have been designing our own logos. After many revisions of my logo, I believe its the best I can get it until I learn more and are able to execute more skills to eventually improve on my design and make a excellent logo. I have learned very much during my time in this class, and although it may not be what I am looking for, it certainly is nice to have experience with digital art.

Creative assignments

Creative assignments are physical projects we create weekly to hone our physical art skills, explore different types of art, and prepare us for future projects. All my projects have been done under similar circumstances and similar materials, all of them have been and can be done by readily available materials. I like to work on my creative assignments later in the evening at my art desk with the TV going, more for background noise, where there is little interruption. I like to use my calligraphy pen for fine point lines and deep blacks, it really makes lines stick out and stand the test time. I love creating detailed art that represents characters and environments in meaningful ways.


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Christopher Ziemba


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