Level Of Development

In this presentation, we explore the development of different countries. We take into account the various Indicators of development and rank them according to their level of development.

No indicator of development is definitive; we cannot conclude that one country is definitely more developed than the other. Therefore, we take into account 3 indicators.

Country 1: China

Streets of Shanghai, a particularly developed province in China

China is often said to be a developing country with an emerging economy, and this classification is not without its reasons. Although some provinces like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are world-class metropoles, there are also parts of China which show signs of poverty and underdevelopment. Below are some statistics:

  1. Life Expectancy: 75.5
  2. Birth Rate: 12.37 births/ 1000 population
  3. Infant Mortality Rates: 12.2 deaths/ 1000 births

Country 2: New Zealand

New Zealand has an abundance of natural and rural views, but also has a very developed structure

New Zealand is a smaller country than China, but with its booming economy and development, it is easily considered to be a developed country. Let us take a look at the statistics:

  1. Life Expectancy: 81.2
  2. Birth Rates: 13.3 Births/ 1000 population
  3. Infant Mortality Rates: 4.5 deaths / 1000 births

Country 3: Singapore

New landmarks: The Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum and The Shoppes also show the constant urbanisation of Singapore.

Singapore, one of the four Asian Tigers, has a huge economy and also a big reputation for a small country. In just over 51 years of independence, Singapore has developed into a global metropolis and a flourishing trade hub.

  1. Life Expectancy: 85
  2. Birth Rate: 8.4 births/ 1000 population
  3. Infant Mortality Rate: 2.4 deaths/ 1000 live births

Country 4: South Korea

As compared to North Korea, South Korea is undeniably modernised, urbanised and possesses of great economic potential.

South Korea, a country known for its world-leading plastic surgery operations, is undoubtedly well-to-do. Although there are political problems just recently, it is not hard to see that the country is developed.

  1. Life Expectancy: 82.4
  2. Birth Rate: 8.4 births/ 1000 population
  3. Infant Mortality Rate: 3 deaths/ 1000 live births

Country 5: USA

Leading the world in almost every aspect, the United States of America symbolises power and wealth

The USA has one of the world's highest standards of living. Until the late 1800s agriculture was the dominant economic activity, but then industry gained importance. The United States now leads all nations in the value of its yearly manufacturing output.

  1. Life Expectancy: 79.8
  2. Birth Rate: 12.5 births/ 1000 population
  3. Infant Mortality Rate: 5.8 deaths/ 1000 live births


It is undoubtedly hard to determine or rank these few countries according to their level of development. For instance, the USA and China are such large countries that the level of development for each state or province varies within the country itself. However, according to the statistics and indicators of development, we can conclude and give a rough ranking of the countries.


1st: South Korea

2nd: USA

3rd: Singapore

2nd: New Zealand

5th: China

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