On Liturgy

What is liturgy?

Liturgy is the people of a religion coming together and celebrating. The word liturgy comes from Greek and literally means public work done on behalf of the people. The people at a liturgy are all working together to celebrate their faith.

Mass as sacrifice

The mass acknowledge's the world's greatest sacrifice. It celebrate's the sacrifice God made by sending His only Son to earth. Jesus also made a huge sacrifice by dying on the cross to save us from our sins. The mass celebrates these sacrifices.

Community and liturgy

Particicpating in the liturgy requires community. You celebrate the liturgy with your religious community. The communion is a representation of this community.

Liturgical diversity in the church

The church has parishes all over the world. Each parishes celebrates the liturgy in it's own unique way. Each liturgy contains some things that are the same. But, for example, as pictured here, Indians include some of their own culture by wearing saris.

The Litugy is both unified and diversed in the Church because everyone partakes in the liturgy, uniting us, but the differences show our diversity.


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