Stop bullying and be a friend By:emily

Did you know that girls bully too?
Pie chart of bullying


Please stop bullying

I have some questions and thay are how can I stop bullying?

Some things you do or say

Do they usually get it from their parent?

And those are my question

If you stop bullying you are amazing

Some facts

Kids are left out

I have some facts like most kids skip school because of bullying. Some kids bully because they are jealous of another student. Aproxable 3.2 million student skip school.

Those are some of my facts.

Girls make other girls cry
A kid is left out a lot
Be a friend

Fun facts

I have lots more facts,but these ones are more fun then the other ones.So here is some facts and later on we will share some more facts.

One is that approximately 160,000 teens skip school everyday because of bullying. Teen bullies are more likely to become adult criminals.

America needs no bullies

More fun facts

Over 3.2 million students are vitamins of bullying each year.71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.

We mite come back to facts.

Lots of bullying

Did you know: did you know that pre-k kids bully? Well they do.

Cool kids think they are popular but they are usually bullies

What are bullies doing to be bullies

Bullies are teasing, taking lunch money from others,putting kid in lockers,and making fun of kids. Bullies do more stuff but that is some of it.

Why bully?

How can I stop bullying

Some ways I can stop bullying is by I can make a speech. I can make a video and show it to every class room. I can make signs saying stop bullying and be a friend. Those are some ways I can stop bullying.

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