Killer Whale Bryan Hall

Scientific name- Orcinus orca

- The killer whales are found in every ocean, however they are commonly found in highly productive areas of cold water

- Killer whales have a variety of habitats. They can lay in shallow coastal areas to deep waters.

- A whales smooth skin is a adaptation for swimming

- This organism is classified as a mammal

- They weigh about 8,000 lbs

Whales first started on land about 375 million years ago, they left land to move in the waters 250 million years ago.

Closest Relatives:

- Dolphins, cetaceans including all whales, and hippopotamuses

- the DNA comparison between a dolphin and a killer whale is 97% related

This shows evidence of evolution because when the whale first developed into the planet Earth, the ancestors had legs to walk on land. As the time went by towards present day things started to change. (evolution) The whales legs started to disappear and developed flippers to help them swim.

Homologous Structures:

Bats and elephants has the same basic structure, but different functions to the whale.

Vestigial structure:

- Such as the pelvis bone and hind limbs of the whale and dolphins is compelling evidence of evolution

- the whale flipper and other vertebrate fore limbs (Such as the human hand, bats wings, horse hoofs, etc)

Since, today's whale don't really need the pelvis bones it doesn't exist (really small) for the most part. The whales ancestors needed them because they used to live on land. Getting closer to the present gets rid of the use of pelvic bones.


- Ancestor of the whale (rodhocetus)

-known as the walking whales (dog-like whales)

-hip bones weren't fully fused to it's backbone

- capable of walking or at least dragging itself

The whale today is different from the rodhocetus because the whales today now don't have the same exact leg bones. As the rodhectus used to walk on their legs the whales today swims in the water. This shows evidence of evolution because as the time shifts momentum the parts ancestors used to have now develops into something different. However, the whales still have the same leg bones but they use that bones differently from what the ancestors used it for.



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