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Technology Vision

A key focus of AN-COR-TEK is the conversion, distribution and storage of energy. The future will see significant changes in the global handling of energy. The industrialized nations will see a moderate growth in total energy demand due to more efficient systems and a decentralized energy supply structure that will mainly be powered by alternative energy. The industrializing nations, and especially the BRICS countries, will see a significant increase in power demand that will only partly be covered by alternative energy. This due to the fact that the energy demand will be too high to fade out older systems in time. But in general hydrocarbons as base of energy supply will be gradually faded out due to the high economic and environmental cost. The main energy supply technologies in the long-run will be solar energy in the equatorial regions and wind energy in the northern and southern areas.

In this context AN-COR-TEK is providing advisory and planning services for energy strategies from small alternative power plants to short-time emergency energy supply solutions. The goal is the lowest possible 'total cost' per kWh over the intended supply period. How this 'total cost' is calculated is up to our customers, but An-Cor-Tek strongly believes that a serious cost calculation should also take the environmental cost into account.

Where regional energy supply comes from

Energy Storage and Conversion Consulting

The key towards a successful energy supply management is the understanding of the complete energy supply chain. Wind- and solar-energy are not constant energy sources, they depend on certain conditions to work (solar: daytime, clear sky; wind: constant stream of air); due to that they either have to work in combination with conventional, non-disruptive energy sources or have a mean to store the energy produced until it is needed. Especially the coverage of the peak load or the compliance to a certain supply period (range of e-cars) are important. AN-COR-TEK analyzes the needs and required capacities of the systems in relation to existing supply solutions to achieve the most attractive long-term energy supply cost.

Substitution of conventional, hydro carbon based energy supply by alternative energy (Bali Scenario)

The cost-efficient conversion of energy will be a key issue for the time to come. Each alternative energy supply technology has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be understood. It is not sufficient to just set-up a wind-farm or photovoltaic-plant without a proper estimate of the long-term economy of the site. Many projects are not feasible - or even worse - do not perform well after a few years. AN-COR-TEK has the experts to properly assess the needs and to select a system that meets the specifications. In case of existing alternative energy solutions that are facing 'fading', 'wear' or 'corrosion' issues, a proper strategic assessment can help to minimize the system inherent losses. For special cases AN-COR-TEK can help to develop concepts and adapted solutions.

Compact PV-Container for the supply of remote communities

In the area of energy storage AN-COR-TEK is not limited only to battery technology. In the mid-term hydrogen based solutions offer better energy efficiency and handling. This not only in the tank of e-Vehicles but also al intermediate storage at fast-charging sites that are directly supplied by alternative energy farms. AN-COR-TEK has a clear understanding of the challenges of the e-Mobility transformation (German: Energiewende) and the developments that are triggered by this change.

E-Mobility Energy Conversion Chain

e-Mobility Strategies

The future of transport will be based on electric motors and not combustion engines. This not only from the perspective of the environmental footprint but also based on the other features of electric motors: better regulation, lower maintenance, longer life of vehicles, closed system advantages and much lower space requirements. The main challenges in e-Mobility will be that modern society is undergoing a dual transformation: the conventional grid replaces nuclear and coal/gas based power plants by alternative energy sources and the mobility sector replaces hydrocarbon fuel by energy. This means that the grid will have to remain stable facing a change of the supply structure and a surging demand by e-Vehicles. If this can be achieved, CO2 emissions in the industrialized countries will be significantly reduced.

AN-COR-TEK welcomes this development but sees several problems coming up in the future that range from a the classic grid overload, via battery production induced resources shortages impact to an undersupply of loading stations in certain regions. To counter that realistic scenarios have to be defined and new strategies have to be implemented. AN-COR-TEK is currently working on a new structural approach to address the issues of the 'energy boom' and is able to offer advise and services to companies in areas that are affected by e-Mobility (car manufacturers, battery producers, energy distributors, governmental organizations and NGO's).


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