Zebras By aIden clinkscales

What animal eats 18 hours a day, and is also related to horses. If you guessed zebras you were right. The diet, predators and habitat makes this animal unique.

Wild zebra in its habitat eating grass

The fierce lion, one of the zebras main predators is attacking the zebra.

The zebra munches on some grass

The zebras diet is very interesting. First of all, zebras eat for 18 hours a day! Some people think zebras munch on grass only, they actually eat lots of other things. Zebras can go 5 whole days without water. They are herbivores witch means they only eat grass and plants. Zebras will travel 1,800 miles in search of food. Another fact about their diet is 92% of it is grass, 5% is shrubs, 2% is herbs the last 1% is leaves, fruits, crops, roots and bark. Zebras have a very unique diet and spend almost every hour that they have eating.

If you look close enough you can see the stripes start with white and then black

Zebras have many predators. Zebras predators are carnivores The most common predators are lions, cheetahs, and crocodiles. Zebras predators get confused when all the zebras run together. The black and white stripes confuses them. This confuses them because they can not decide what zebra to attack, and it looks like a blur of black and white to the attacker. Zebras have many animals that they need to avoid to stay safe.


Zebras live in many different Areas. Zebras live in open plains, woodlands, mountains, treeless areas, savannas, grasslands, thorny scrublands and costal hills. Zebras always live close to a water source so they can get a drink at anytime. They also live near lots and lots of grass so they don't run out of food.

zebras interesting diet, predators and habitat make this animal very fascinating lots of people don't know if the zebras are black and white or white and black but it is actually white and black. In conclusion, the zebra is a wonderful animal and has many different traits that other animals do not.

Mother and her young eating grass


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