How does EYP influence your life? By the media team of haarlem 2019

During Haarlem 2019 - Regional Selection Conference of EYP The Nederlands, the Media Team developed this small project to allow the delegates to understand how EYP members coordinate their life around the EYP Network and how much EYP changed their life. It is with great pleasure that we present this to the participants of the session and we hope to clarify somethings about EYP.

This project was made in collaboration with some other Officials so that the delegates could relate to and understand our point of view.

Gaining experience as a delegate really makes you want to be an official and experience everything that goes behind the scenes in a session. You can set goals for yourself, like covering a certain position to develop certain skills like photo editing or team management. Throughout your EYP career, you can develop this feeling for the project that motivates you to do more and more sessions, while discovering a totally new “you”. EYP is also the perfect place to meet new people and to create life-long friendships all over Europe. If you’re just beginning doing EYP, or you’re a veteran around Europe, you’ll be learning something about other people’s culture and this will fulfil you. The motivation for doing EYP can come from an immense amount of places and the wholesomeness around the network takes you everywhere around Europe.

Inspired by Leonardo's (16) experience

Once you start doing EYP, there isn’t such a thing as having EYP and your daily life separated. EYP becomes a huge part of your life and you really should have the right mindset when applying to a Session. One of the most important aspects is to be fully committed to said session. If there’s anything in your personal life that might influence your performance, you might need to reconsider your participation. While reconsidering you really should pay attention to what you want to take out of the session but also what you can give to the session. If you’re worried about anything else, your goals for the session might not be reached. Sometimes it’s better to stay at home and work on everything that you have in your life, because that’s important, obviously.

Inspired by Saviël's (18) experience

EYP teaches a lot of things like public speaking and debating, but some of the biggest lessons are related to the smallest things that you learn through your journey. Things like working with others or how to organize events go really under the radar but are some of the most developed skills in EYP. During your path in the network, you get prepared for your professional life by learning how to contact sponsors, creating and organizing spreadsheets and all kind of things that are really practical. Something that you can take from EYP to your daily life is the ability to organize your life through spreadsheets, as they turn out to be so useful. Also, you will start seeing groups from another point of view because you will notice how people connect with each other. Besides everything that was mentioned before, through EYP, you get the feeling of how organizations act in other countries and how everything is shaped around the national law.

Inspired by Klara's (20) experience

If you think of yourself when you started EYP, and if you think about you now, you’re totally unrecognizable. Naturally, you will change throughout time, but EYP can really have an impact on your change. Your EYP experience can influence a lot of major influences in your life, through career paths, from the degree of study you take. It can also change how open you are to take on new challenges such as studying abroad, or it can change how receptive you are to last-minute changes and how you improvise after some last-minute changes. Also, EYP accentuates some qualities that you have no idea that you have.

After leaving a session, you will most likely look at it as a positive experience, but you can’t pinpoint the aspects that make you look at it that way. Your knowledge won’t come immediately, but with experience, you will start to feel more confident or you will feel less confused overall. It’s is difficult to say where all of this comes from, but it certainly comes from your past experiences. You will not really notice this experience and knowledge become part of you, but when you need it they will be there.

One of the biggest lessons that EYP can teach you is to always give people the benefit of the doubt. You will learn to think about their intentions in the sense that when something happens, you don’t jump to the worst imaginable conclusion. If you believe that everyone has good intentions, they will surprise you eventually! There’s this huge need for a sense of community around EYP making that everyone gets the opportunity to do something bigger than themselves, and do work that they want to do, and above all, that is worth doing. If you trust the people who are working with you, everything will be much smoother and things will work out better.

Inspired by Nia's (23) experience

While developing this project we were able to look back and see how much we grew while members of the EYP network. Even if we started doing EYP a year ago or if we are veterans throughout Europe, everyone realized how much this project has changed us, in the same way, that it can change you. Doing EYP is a constant growth process that allows you to reach certain milestones and goals that otherwise would be much harder to achieve. We hope that we learned as much reading this project as we did develop it.

The Media Team of Haarlem 2019 - Regional Selection Conference of EYP The Nederlands