Where I'm from By wyatt gee

I am from feeding animals in the morning

From eating Cap'n Crunch and fruity pebbles

I am from the lazy boy recliner in my double wide trailer

I am from the oak trees the hillside streams that surround the holler

I am from big family meals and big guts

I am from Charles And James and the Gees

I am from the smoking and the semi trucks

I am from "you hog head " and " stay still dumbass"

I am from God fearing and Christian beliefs

I am from Ashland Kentucky where I was born while my family are all from Scotland

I am from my grandmothers delicious yeast rolls and chocolate mirange pie

I am from the story of how my mamaw and papaw met

The way my grandpa always wore cowboy hats and cowboy boots and the funny stories my papaw ed always love to tell

I am from my Mamaw's closet where we keep all of our family pictures


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