Canada 2041 A SUSTAINABLE Future


Today I will be proposing my idea about how to make Canada a more sustainable country by 2041.


One very big problem that has been happening in Canada is the ageing, population is getting older which is hurting our economy, due to the fact that most of the elderly people in jobs are retiring which is leaving too many job spots open for a long time. This happened along time ago when the population increased to a total of 38.%% 1991 to 2001. This increase was mainly caused by the baby boom which happened right after the second world war. In order to equal our current population with our older aged members we need another baby boom.

A stat Sheet from 2001


The upcoming, population has a pretty large effect on the environment. Since the population is growing the amount of resources are increasing so we need to try to lower the amount of resources we use such as using less electricity or tuning off the tap when we are done using it. Also more people means more cars, public transportation, flights over seas and this all leads to air pollution, which harms us a lot and the environment. One Major effect it has is that it breaks and damages our ozone layer which protects us from the suns hot rays. To stop the problem we need to start thinking of other ways that do not burn fossil fuels, such as electrical cars and such.

The forested regions in Canada

Urban Sprawl and Pollution

The urban sprawl and pollution are two different problems but both come as one and make a big problems for us humans. An Urban sprawl is a expansion that is an uncontrolled expansion in a certain place or region. This problem is occurring in many cities across Canada and this problem is very hard to stop from occurring. the way pollution comes into in play is because now there are more people moving around in one place which will cause more cars to o around which will burn fossil fuels. also it can create something which is known as a heat island when there is so much heat in one place such as Toronto. This is one of the main reason for climate change as well and global warming.

This is a image showing the amount of heat in certain places( heat island)

Agricultural problems

The agriculture is a big part in Canada, because this help make a lot of goods to supply us and export to others. Exporting helps us make money and helps raise our economy. But over the past few we have been loosing thousands of acres farm land to homes that we have been building, so we need to be careful and preserve a lot of farm lands.


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