Ecosystems Fourth Grade science

What is an ecosystem?

All living things need an ecosystem to survive.

Describe your ecosystem.

  • lots of water--drink, wash
  • trees--fruit, nuts, clean air
  • food--energy
  • sunlight--energy for plants, clean air, no plants --no food
  • fungi
  • Moms & Dads--families
  • Animals--cows, chickens---grocery store

What if fish had fur instead of scales?”, “Why do birds have feathers and not fur?” “What would happen if a squirrel didn’t hibernate in the winter?” “What would happen if birds didn’t fly south for the winter?

What is an adaptation?

  • Hibernation
  • Migration

What are other animal adaptations?

Would a polar bear live here? Why or why not?
Would a lizard live here?

What is a behavioral adaptation?

What is a physical adaptation?

Your turn-- research an animal adaptation on Destiny. Then create your own Adobe Spark page.

Use Enchanted Learning to find an animal that migrates or hibernates.


Created with images by Richard Allaway - "North Gare Sand Dunes - Blackthorn" • The Wandering Angel - "Fly Home" • Gic - "squirrel rodent animal" • Moyan_Brenn - "Desert" • MemoryCatcher - "icebergs ice antarctica"

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