REsume 101 Your Guide to Landing the Interview

Conquer the Interview

How to Land the Job

In 90 seconds, interviewers know whether they will hire you.

So what do you do to make that decision a yes?

Make the first impression.

  • Earlier rather than later.
  • Have the resume on hand.
  • Dress to impress or the same as everyone else?

Fun Facts

  • You should not drink something hot or cold up to 30 minutes before the interview.
  • If you don't smile when you walk into the room, odds are that you won't get the interview.
  • Within 50 milliseconds, the course of your interview is determined

Trivia Time

How To Steer the Interview in the Right Direction

How to answer "Tell me about yourself"

5 Step Method

  • Talk about yourself and your strong suits
  • Emphasize with examples
  • Talk about company and its strong suits
  • Emphasize with company examples
  • Relate the two together

Knowledge About the Company

47% of hiring managers did not hire someone because of a lack of company knowledge

What to Look Up:

  • "So what do you like about _____?"
  • Company mission statement
  • Specific terminology
  • Latest products/services of company


While interviewer is speaking

  • Be engaged
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile

Question: Say the hiring manager is sitting back in their chair, relaxed. Do you do the same or sit properly?

It is okay for the interview to go on a course of its own.

  • Don't wait until the end to ask questions, if something intrigues you, speak up.

How to Answer "What is Your Weakness?"

  • You are still trying to market yourself
  • Hiring managers see through the typical "my weakness is actually a major strength
  • Still be genuine
  • They aren't looking at what you answer but how you answer.
  • It is meant to throw you off your game.

How to Answer "What is Your Strength?"

  • Think about what they look for in an employee
  • Again, looking at how you answer it
  • Relate back to company morals

What to do if you don't know how to answer the question

  • Don't use "um" and "like"
  • "That's a great question, let me think about that"

Seal the Deal

  • How to answer "any questions?"
  • Firm handshake and smile
  • Follow up email

Compare and Contrast Interviews

Interview 1: Peter


  • Firm handshake
  • Sit up straight
  • Answered the "Talk About Myself" well
  • Answered the "Why Do I Think I'll Be Good for This Position" well


  • Does not reflect the interviewer's body language
  • Talks too fast
  • Drinks coffee during interview
  • Messy, crumpled resume
  • Doesn't answer "Strengths and Weaknesses Well"

Interview 2: Trae


  • Good strengths and weaknesses
  • Good resume


  • Talks about irrelevant things
  • Too casual
  • Treating the interviewer as a friend, not an employer
  • Doesn't reflect interviewers body language

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