My water adventure By: Alexandra sanders

It was about 25B.C when I was sitting on my dry dirt bed, I was writing in my pink and fuzzy diary, In it I was writing how being ground water was awesome. I heard my neighbor yelling and I asked my mom if I could go see what mrs.Blue was doing she said "sure,but let me go over with you just in case" so I got on my jacket and we went over. " All the girl droplets are going to be so jelly of my beautiful Unicorn!" Said mrs.Blue. "Hello mrs.Blue we heard you screaming and wondered if you were ok :)". All she did was look at her beautiful unicorn, it was so beautiful I wanted to stay for 600 more years!!! So we did....

Mrs.Blue is so weird 😟

Then after those 600 years,I just got bored of living there (and got tired of the unicorn.) then we decided to move, but to wear ? I thought. RIVERLANDIEA!!! It was perfect! We could move there and there would be no problems what so ever! There was a rumer on the street that mrs.rose lived there, she was my favorite person in the whole entire world. So I told my mom that we had to move there ASAP!!! She was excited to move too,and she said that wasn't a bad idea. So the very next day we packed up our tiny bags, and off we went to the airport. It wasn't like the normal airports, we had to evaporate to get there. I know that riverlandiea doesn't sound like it is in the sky, but it is it's on a magical island and it floats in the air. So we got there and we got our tickets and sat down in one of the waiting chairs, and we had to wait for three hours for our "flight." I was getting really tired and it was getting really crowded really fast, my mom said that this was called accumulation. "What's accumulation?" I wondered "accumulation is when a bunch of water drops gather together." She explained

Then it was finally our turn to evaporate!! I have only evaporated one time before and I was super exited to do it again 😃

This was the view from my window

After a few hours of evaporating, we finally got there and it was so beautifull I just about died!!

This is what riverlandia looked like from my seat in the plane

When we landed I was not surprised to see that we were not the only ones there, because it such a big and popular city.

My camera was about to die, sorry it's so blurry ☚ī¸

When we got there mrs.rose herself was standing on a platform on top of a small perfume shop, I think mrs.rose was gesturing for someone to come over to her. I think I was right,because after that a young man went over to her, he looked like he was about my age (800) and he looked A LOT like my friend Greg. So I got the guts to go up to him and I said " um sorry to dis-" and as I said that the man was like "ZOEY, WHAT R U DOING HERE!?" He exclaimed " I told you that I was coming here because I was moving" I said " oh ya,I forgot about that" " well I need to go, my mom still isn't here so I need to go wait for here"

So I waited on the platform and waited for my mom,and she finnaly came down after about 2 minutes then we went walking on this road called "water drop lane" and I thought it was a sorta nice name so

Then after about a half an hour we finnaly reached out apartment it was a really big apartment the kitchen was nice and big with granite countertops the fridge was made of stainless steal and there was A LOT more things in the kitchen but I wanted to explore more when I heard the door bell ring "who could that be???" I thought then mama said "Zoey can u get it, I need to unpack our suitcases" so I said sure and ran to the door and opened it and there I saw Greg and Mrs.rose, "oh hi Greg!" I said "hi I came over so u and mrs.rose could meet each other" I didn't know if a famous fashion designer wanted to know me "hi my name is mrs.rose,what's yours?" "I'm Zoey" I said in a very shy voice "come on in, we just moved in I haven't even seen more then the kitchen so feel free to make yourself at home,also my mom is somewhere unpacking our bags"

So mrs.rose came in and sat on the floor and I said "ma'am you don't have to sit o-" "oh I don't mind" she interrupted " I came here to ask if u wanted to come to a water park with Greg and me" she said "sure I would love to, MOM!" "yes Zoey?" "Can I go to a water park with mrs.rose and Greg???" "SURE! Have fun"

So about an hour later we finnaly got to this water park called "waves,water,fun" I thought it was a really weird name but hey, I'm not one to judge " so what ride do u guys wanna go on first???" Said mrs.rose " lets go on monster mountain" said Greg " that sounds fun" I said "ok then,let's go"

So we ran to the slide and it certainly wasn't hard to miss, I mean if I've never been her before and I can find it just fine,then it's pretty easy to find. So we when up this slide and there was no line which I thought was weird, so we got to the top and I was so exited it was so high up! "You can go down first if u want" said Greg so I did and I was a long way down I was on there for at least 40-60 seconds

My mom said that by sliding down the slide, we were doing surface runoff.

Then I got to the bottom and there was a big pool that I had to swim through to get to the land. After that we when to the next ride and it was an animal that you had to slide through and I toled Greg he's going first because honestly the animal kinda scared me and so we got up there and Greg went down and I was kinda weirded out because ITS AN A.N.I.M.A.L. And I sat down and slid down and this slide was shorter then the last one,so I slid down and there was like a kiddie pool so mrs.rose was waiting at the bottom for us and we had to leave because it was almost dinner time

So we got in the car and we drove home, when we got home my mom was waiting by the door with our suit bags packed so I said "what's wrong?" She said "I found out there are rats in here AND WE ARE MOVING BACK!" "WHAT!?!?!?,BUT WE JUST GOT HERE A FEW HOURS AGO!!" " I know but we're moving back" "ok,😔" by that time mrs.rose and Greg had already left so we returned our keys to the frount desk and left for the platform

A half an hour later we were ready to evaporate again so we did and 5 hours later we landed and left for our old house, my mom never did put it up for sale so all we had to do was walk right in and there we were, home sweet home

I was really sad because we had infiltrat again

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