What impact did Reconstruction leave on America? Ryan Morris

Although the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments gave the freed slaves the rights they wanted, black codes and Jim Crow laws restricted their newly established rights. It also gave the wealthy whites of that era a mindset of power that has transcended to today.


The picture above shows a a very big failure of reconstruction. The cartoon depicts the feeling that most southerners still had after the civil war. The KKK and White League were main "terrorists" groups during this time frame and they were so excepted that people would come out to watch the lynchings and burning of the newly freed blacks. Also the Lost Cause is now proven a myth but it was a belief that the blacks wanted to be slaves, didn't want to vote, and didn't want to be free. Finally, the heading of the union as it was is pretty self explanatory but it shows that this is how the southerners viewed the union before the civil war and this is how they wanted it to remain after the war.


The thirteenth amendment was considered a success during reconstruction. Before the thirteenth amendment was put into the constitution the emancipation proclamation freed the slaves which helped the slaves in order to help turn the tide of the war in the north's favor. During reconstruction, the freed slaves helped grow the economy in both the north and the south.


The Black Lives Matter movement is direct impact of the reconstruction era. It still shows that the the powerful whites are still suppressing the black Americans. T Some direct examples are the Tre'von Martin shooting, Eric Garner Choke out and the Rodney King Beating. This shows that the ideas of white supremacy is still as relevant today as it was in reconstruction.

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