Mississauga 2.0 how to make mississauga more sustainable By: Veronica s., Hamzah C., Arham K., Sameed S.

Why Mississauga needs to be Helped

Problems in Mississauga

  • when waste is sent away, it is burned and not disposed of properly
  • lots of pollution from process
  • commute time here is very long
  • people getting stress because the commute time is too long
  • too many people driving
  • not enough carpooling (pollution caused)
  • a lot of people can't use the transit as rapidly
  • air issues from manufacturing and transportation
  • Government covering up water pollution
  • Too much light pollution
  • Too much energy used
  • wildlife compromised
  • using cars too much to travel short distances
  • death to drivers and surrounding community
  • need less emissions from cars and busses
  • too much money spent on infrastructure and power

Waste Management Solutions

(By: Veronica Starr)

Why is the current situation not sustainable?

If we were to continue on our waste management path,

  • already we have come up with a temporary solution but it is not enough
  • collection have been solved
  • recycling and garbage pick up at regular and more lengthy intervals
  • no solution to disposal
  • we need to think like Edmonton
  • start by reusing things from broken buildings
  • use as much as possible to lessen landfill size
  • don't burn garbage, make compost instead
  • not much change in waste produced in last 5 years
  • a lot of paper thrown into landfills because not enough use
  • use it for gardening to kill weeds
  • companies are making eco-friendly paper and ink
  • that will allow more to be turned into compost and makes soil more fertile
  • so much wood waste
  • companies are collecting all wood waste to turn it into more usable wood
  • less waste and more supplies
  • less cutting down trees
  • if not possible, people advised to keep wood
  • people spend less money on house renovations
  • less wood goes to landfills
  • can used more waste as energy other than wood
  • when different source of energy is needed
  • can use this form for less pollution and waste
  • there is company called Green Center Canada
  • they try to make waste management more green
  • by making everyday things like cans and bottles out of different materials
  • they use new technology
  • the problem is, there are still too many cans and bottles being thrown away
  • they are getting close to the solution with new technology
  • with biodegradable materials being used
  • but still not in affect
  • too much money used to making upgrade
  • we need to set our priorities strait

Transportation solutions

By: Hamzah Curtay

The problems with the transportation system and commute time are unsustainable because it is practically impossible to get around the city with the commute time so high because so many people are driving and when there is an emergency then the people won't be able to get to their destination quickly because there is so much traffic and they will get stuck in it and there is nothing they can do about it and that causes them a lot of stress. Also the fact that so many people don't have rapid access to the public transits because they are full because a lot of other people need to use them proves that we have a problem on our hands.Also the fact that not many people are being active and not walking and biking around is also unsustainable because it is really bad for their health and it just increases the commute time because those people will be driving around.

We the people of Mississauga are affected by these problems because it is our time getting wasted on driving to get from one place because our commute time is so high that people are getting stress because of it and it is our people who are unable to use the bus because there are too many people who need to use them and there are not enough buses for them all and when there is an emergency everyone gets halted and they get delayed from where they have to go.Also it is our environment that is getting polluted because there are too many people driving and not enough people walking or biking or carpooling or even using the public transit. Now, Time to fix this.

  • People should be carpooling more often because there are people who drive with cars that are fit for 7 or 8 people with only one person in them so if they do carpool then it will take less money for fuel and it will lessen the commute time and it will cause less pollution
  • People could use more public transports like trains and buses which will also lessen the commute time and pollution
  • We could make it cost less money for people to use the public transports on certain days to make people want to use the public transport more
  • We could make more public transits so more people can use them more rapidly because only 37 % of the people in the GTA (other than Toronto) have access to rapid transit (in the chart below)
  • We could make separate lanes for the buses and public transits so they can get around faster and get to the bus stops on time and pick the people who are waiting there up faster and they can be at the side of the road so they can pick people up as they go and it will be faster for the cars too because they won't have buses in front of them while they are driving and they won't have to stop when the bus stops to pick people up
  • We could make more trains and buses that run on electricity to cause less pollution and since it will cost less because they do not need fuel it will cost less to use them which will make people want to use them more which will lessen the commute time and we should make more of them anyways because there are a lot of people who can not use them because they are full because other people have to use them
  • People should walk and bike more for short distances
  • More places that are cars free where people can walk and bike more to cause less pollution and lessen the commute time
  • this will also make it so there are way less casualty
  • Side note: People should be walking and biking and doing more physical activities anyway because it is good for your health because many people just use their car to get around and it is bad for their bodies health and they become overweight and it is really hard for them to recover and lose weight.
As you can see the average commute time is very high because there are too many people driving when they could be walking or biking for short distances or carpooling for more longer distances and because of that as you can see that causes stress to many people and takes away quality time from many other people.Or because they have to spend sometimes 2 to 3 hours on a public transit with strangers and people who they do not know but if the commute time was shorter, the bus ride would be shorter and the faster you would be off that public transit and to your destination

This shows how people can and do get stress because there are not enough buses when something like this happens and the buses breakdown they get late for whatever they need to do. That is why they should make more public transits so we are prepared and ready when something like this happens and the people are not stuck waiting for over an hour in the freezing cold for the bus they all need and with more buses more people can go at a time because there will be lots of people who can't get on to the bus because there is not enough space and there are a lot of people who need to use the bus to get to their own destinations for their daily routines.

Solutions of urban sprawl

By: Sameed Bin Sohail

• Decrease the amount of time we spend on commuting by cars. If a place you want to go and it's not that far than there many different solutions of transportation that we should be using instead, such as biking , walking or taking a bus and this will probably reduce the impacts on urban sprawl.

• Another thing we can do is in order to watch news , listen to radio or read newspaper etc. There are many cities that are being troubled by urban sprawl so in order to help them you should know what is going on. And you can't help them resolve the issues if you don't know what is going on in the world.

• And we should also invest better public transportation as I said before the less we drive the more we reduce the urban sprawl impacts.

• One of the major we can do to resolve this issue is to preserve our natural resources. So places like farmlands , parks and unused lands need to be preserved to reduce the urban sprawl.

Energy and water Specialist

By: Arham Khan

How does this problem make Mississauga unsustainable?

Both Electricity and water are renewable. These situations are unsustainable to Mississauga because we are using energy and water too much and for things that are not necessary. Right now I think people don't know or don't care about sustaining and caring about the energy and water because they think it doesn't affect us. However it affects future generations; we are using our freshwater and electricity which we produce from fossil fuels so fast that future generations are not gonna have enough. Unfortunately humans waste a lot of water without realizing. What also makes us waste more water is the problem with the water supply. Also due to urbanization in the future we might lack in water and energy production. Lake Ontario is where the GTA including Mississauga gets the water from. But since Lake Ontario is very filthy and dirty it takes longer and wastes more water in the process of making the water drinkable and clean.

* Limit the amount of water that each area or household can use

* Have more community clean-ups

* Replacing street lights with LED lights because it will be more energy efficient

* Solar panels should be put on houses, schools, hospitals, apartments, other buildings, etc. Because solar energy is renewable.

* Using hydro-electricity to create energy because its renewable. Mississauga should make more hydro-electricity power plants.

*Less development around bodies of water

* Develop more water efficient technology

* Limit the amount of energy in each area or household

*Harness storm water flow to create energy

* Build new buildings that invest in solar power and use as little oil and natural gas

* People should buy more sustainable appliances and be encouraged to find ways to generate their own electricity


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