Vitamin and Mineral Cassidy Earl

Water Soluble

*Dissolves in water.

Vitamin B (Folic Acid)

*Helps the body make new cells. Kale, Spinach. Spina Bifida.

Vitamin C

*Protects the body against infection. Citrus fruits, strawberries, and broccoli. Scurvy.

Fat Soluble

*Things that dissolve in fat.

Vitamin K

*Helps blood clot normally. Dark leafy vegetables, Cilantro, and Chard.

Vitamin A

*Promotes good vision, hair, and skin. Carrots and Peppers. Night blindness.

Vitamin D

*Builds and maintains bones and teeth. Milk/Dairy products, sunlight. Rickets (bowed legs)

Vitamin E

*Protects the membranes of white and red blood cells. Vegetable oil, bananas, and onions. Poor nerve connections and neurological problems.


*Strengthens bones and teeth. Milk/ dairy products, arugula, and watercress. Osteoporosis.


*Helps make red blood cells, helps our muscles store and use oxygen. Chicken, bok choy. Anemia.

Sodium/ Potassium

*Maintains fluid balance in the body. Salt and bananas. Muscle cramps, irregular heart beats, and seizures.


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