PATROL OFFICER CQB Logistics - Topics Overview - Info

Technical Info.

Start: Friday, 21:00

End: Sunday, 14:00

Location: SITE X ( Rodenberg, Germany )

Price: 250€


Patrol Officer CQB is a specific close quarters course, oriented for law enforcement personal who wants to understand their environment, dynamics of conflict and above all to protect. Statistically the first responders, let it be the patrol or traffic officer, are those who are more likely to reach the hot zone first. That means that they have the highest probability to interfere, prevent or maybe end the threat with proactive actions before the scenario is going to become a stand off or a bigger disaster.


During the period from 2001 to 2010, it was documented by the FBI LEOKA that 541 officers were felonious killed. Of 541 victim officers, 496 were killed with firearms, 51.9 % of the victim officers were killed within 0 / 5 feet, and another 19.2% were killed between 6 and 10 feet.

In the fields of behavioral psychology, evolutionary psychology, motor learning behavior and human factors, the significance of distance is often linked to response time and accuracy.

Are your training procedures, routines or even knowledge behavior compliant?

In the case of a lethal firefight, the distance between the assailant and a fallen officer will indicate the chances of survival, proactivity and the human performance. Therefore the modern law enforcement officer must understand the changing human terrain, the dynamic of a firefight and the ability to recognize threat indicators, etc. But above all it’s all about performance.

In short, your performance in stress within compressed human environments is being pushed to the very limits of human performance.


Module 01: Introduction & Room anatomy

Module 02: Weapon flow

Module 03: One man room clearing

Module 04: One man room clearing w/doors

Module 05: Two men room clearing (CeFed)

Module 06: Two men room clearing w/ doors

Module 07: Two men deliberate entries

Module 08: Force on Force Validation

Module 09: Two men room clearing (CoFed)

Module 10: Wingman & approach to building

Module 11: Self Extract

Recommended equipment.

Important notice.

This course is based on the employment of the handgun, however SMGs / Rifles are more than welcome. We will also provide blue rifles / SMGs to the students during the courses so they can experience the differences and aspects and in addition to their own handguns.

  • eye protection
  • footwear
  • tactical clothing or combat uniforms
  • ballistic plate carrier, vest or chest rig (not a must)
  • sleeping equipment (field beds are available!)
  • Airsoft pistol for the purpose of force on force validation.

*If you need an Airsoft gun, please contact us HERE so we can arrange it for you. Currently the cost for rental kits is 50€ for the whole duration of the course.


Our System.

The immediate threat CQB (ITCQB) methodology at Project Gecko is based on our field experience, influenced by science and dictated by constantly changing reality of threats. With that being said, we at Project Gecko are committed to teach and develop our CQB system to the highest standards while sticking to science based principles & facts.

The Origins.

The origins of our methodology are in the Israeli tactics. Our CQB - lead instructor is a former Israeli SF member with an extended experience in the field of closed quarters.

Behavior Compliant System.

We believe that its not all about the technique or equipment, but the human behind it. In extreme situations, such as violence, the human being is effected by the weight of emotions, mental capacity & several physical changes.

From experience, these factors are what will eventually effect and turn the person into working in a default manner. Not all tactics are behavior compliant, most tactics actually fall within the first moment of engagement. The tactics we use, as well as our approach, are backed by science and not only years of experience in the Israeli Defense Forces. Our work is based on psychology, neuroscience, motor skills and the human behavior as important guidelines in our work to create and deliver a reality relevant, cutting - edge CQB system.

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