In Media Res by Alyssa Peguero

"Uncertainty is the refuge of hope." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"In media res" means to be in the middle of a story. As an artist I am still in the middle of coming up with my pieces and who I am as a person. Because I am unsure of what I want to do yet, I may argue that I am still in the beginning of being an artist. Nevertheless I would to keep creating films in my style.

A couple of prints I did my junior year in high school. 2014.
An optical illusion drawing of a fish I did junior year in high school. 2015.
The Unheard Scream. Photo during senior year, 2016.

About me. In October of 1997 I was born in Salem, Massachusetts and grew up in Lynn, a city just south of Salem, all of my life thus far. Growing up as a low-income kid in an inner-city, I grew appreciation for the things that aren't perfect in life. Anything that is authentic is what tunes me in. So in my art, it expresses the not-so-perfect, yet amazing things about life.

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Alyssa Peguero

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