Dust Lands: Blood Red Road. By: Hunter Dixon

Author Bio

This book is written by Moira Young, a native Canadian who now resides with her husband in the UK. Moira young was born in New Westminister, BC on the west coast of Canada. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in European History. She participates in opera, tap-dancing, acting, and writing. Moira Young planned a career in singing and acting. She changed her career choice after falling off of a bus one day, she believed the universe was saying that she was going down the wrong road. She then switched her career to writing books. The novel Blood Red Road was her first and it was published in 2011.It won several awards and so finished out a series. The Dust Lands series won several awards and were published in 30 countries.http://moirayoung.com/about-me/biography/


The beginning of the Blood Red Road book begins in a place called Silverlake. The author does not give us much information about the time period or exactly where Silverlake is. The themes for this book are "opening your heart to others," and "there is no greater bond than a family bond." Blood Red Road is a Post-Apocalyptic fiction book.


Saba and Lugh are twins with a sister named Emmi. One day, men called tonton come and kidnap Lugh. Emmi and Saba meet up with a group called the "Free Hawks" and a guy named Jack. They have to rescue Lugh from the king who plans to sacrifice him.

Main Characters

Saba is the main character of the book. She is 18 years old, she has a birthmoon tattoo on her cheek, and she has dark hair like her dad. She is very strong hearted and she loves her brother more than life itself. The next main character is Emmi, Saba's younger sister. In the beginning of the book she is 9 years old. Emmi is very scrawny and frail but she is strong at heart. She is motivated to help Saba find their brother. Lugh is Saba's twin brother and he also has the tattoo on his cheek. He has light hair like his mother who died giving birth to Emmi. Lugh is more buff than Saba and Emmi. He is very caring but he can be tough. Another main character is Jack. He has grey eyes and long hair that eventually gets cut off. Jack is very sly and flirty but he can be hard and tough. He lives by some very weird life rules.


The primary conflict of the book is that men come and kidnap Lugh so they could sacrifice him in order for the king to live longer. Saba and Emmi set out to find and save their brother. On their way, Saba gets captured to fight in the ring against other girls and becomes the "Angel of Death," while Emmi is being forced to do housework. They eventually escape with the help of the "Free Hawks", a group of girls who fight for the better of everyone. During the escape Saba rescues a guy named Jack who helps them find their way to Freedom Fields which is where Lugh is. They all team up with another guy named Ike Twelvetrees and his son. They all create a plan to save Lugh and the king gets killed.


  1. Hampered-to hold back, to interfere with.
  2. Chaal-A leaf you chew that slows the mind.
  3. Whinnies-A horses cry.
  4. Hoodoo-A pointed rock/pillar.
  5. Tonton-Men that work for the king.


I truly enjoy reading this book because it has a sense of adventure, romance, and slight mystery. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys excitement and a book that will keep them on the edge of their seat. Three words that describe this book would be experiences, excitement, and love. Experiences describe this book because it shows us how two young girls face many new experiences on their adventure to save their brother. The word excitement helps describe it because this book takes on many exciting adventures through several different places. The last word to describe this book is love because throughout the book we see several instances where love is shown. Saba realizes that she can love more than just Lugh and she falls in love with Jack.


"The kinda white heat day when you can hear th'earth crack." (pg. 7) This quote help describe the setting of the book. It tells us that silverlake is a very dry place. "There's one, though, who don't come to the fence. He leans in the corner of the men's yard, one leg crossed over th'other, cleanin his fingernails with a bit of twig like he ain't got a care in the world." (pg. 193)


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