5 Ways to Maximize Your Tenant Improvement Budget

"This tenant improvement project has an unlimited budget", said no one ever. I don't care who you are, on commercial office projects, there will always be a budget that will limit options but that doesn't mean you can't get what you want. The difference between the office of your dreams and an office you can live with is often whether your designer is knowledgeable and empowered to maximize the project budget. DAVIS designers have pulled together five ways tenants, designers, and general contractors collaborate to maximize budgets and deliver remarkable work environments, even on a tight budget.

1. Communicate - Open budget dialogue including the designer, general contractor, and subcontractors results in proactive budget awareness which will put forth realistic creative solutions. Redesign can erode precious budget dollars.

2. Be Strategic - Determine which areas should make the most impact based on your unique workplace strategy. Feature high-end materials in focus areas such as the lobby, main conference room or employee amenities rather than sprinkling throughout the space. This design technique will not only save project costs but also work to lend importance to the focus areas within the office.

3. Repeated Pricing Exercises - Designers and general contractors can conduct pricing exercises after each design phase - Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development - to keep the budget aligned throughout the project.

4. Reduce Waste - Designers can try to utilize materials in lengths and widths that are either the size of the material or a divisible dimension. For example, design wood panel widths at either full width, half, 1/3 or 1/4 of a full panel.

5. Feature the FREE Stuff - Designers can find areas where natural light and ventilation can be used to create design interest…and these items are free!

DAVIS creates inspired architecture for everyday life through lucid vision, creativity and flow. Inspired architecture involves a heightened sense of wonder, awe, and joy by such intensity of perception, as to cause it to stand out in contrast to the experiences that surround it in time and space. Visit www.lifeinplace.com to learn more.

Created By
Rory Carder


Photography: Matt Winquist

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