Apple Watch Changing society

History: The Apple Watch was created by Kevin Lynch and was released April 24th 2015 and currently has two series released. The goals of the Apple watch was to enhance the user experience along with the use of the iPhone, to ultimately free people form their phones. This promoted the use of Apple products and made the Apple experience more user friendly. Since the release of the Apple Watch and each series, Apple has continued to change society by making it easier to communicate and promoting good health.

This ad introduces the newest series of the Apple Watch. It exemplifies all the actives the watch can be apart of and outlines the multiple benefits this technology provides. The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with two main body options -- aluminum ($369) or stainless steel ($549) -- and can be paired with a variety of sporty, leather or nylon bands (Kelly 2016).


  • Easy communication- receive/send texts, calls, and plays music
  • Stylish Time piece- Teamed up with "more designer accessory partnerships have been lined up, led by Hermès, including a Double Buckle Cuff in Swift and Epsom calfskin leathers and an exclusive Hermès Sport Band in orange” (Sawh 2016). It's also teaming up with Nike for a special Apple Watch Nike+ edition that comes in four colours and includes custom watch faces and a perforated strap (Sawh 2016).
  • Material- Silver, gold, rose gold and space grey finishes. There are also stainless steel case options and the new white ceramic model (Sawh 2016).
  • Display- new touchscreen that's apparently two times brighter than its predecessor, offering 1,000 nits of brightness (Sawh 2016).
  • GSP tracking
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle- tracks movement, heart rate, Calm, and work outs

Waterproof Design: Apples new waterproof design allows users to swim laps as a work out option or simply take a shower without taking it off. Swimmers can now utilize this tool to count laps and measure heart rate. This will enhance the athletic ability and to be more knowledgeable of the body during these workouts. After it's removed from water, the watch will want to push out extraneous water collected through the two holes on its casing (the vent and the speaker). By pressing the water icon on the display, it'll make a series of droplet-like sounds and expel any moisture (Kelly 2016). The waterproof technology provides more accurate representation of the human bodies activity levels. Which overall is benefiting and supporting humans to understand and care about physcial health.

Body awareness: The Apple Watch supports society in staying healthy and active. It’s activity log program allows you to compete with other Apple Watch users. This promotes healthy competition within family and friends and keeps you motivated an accountable of your personal healthy and activity. This has changed society to care more about keeping our bodies healthy.

Communication: The Apple Watch has changed communication, making it easier and less of a hassle to respond to texts on the go. This allows users to put down their phone but still respond and receive important messages. This finally allows society to put the phone down and participate more in everyday activities.

Mental health: Apple partnered with an app called Calm, this app reminds Apple Watch users to stop and breathe. This promotes mental health and stability making users more aware of stressors. Apple has not only focused on physical health but now also mental health which is very enlightening and promoting a healthy society.

"Close Your Rings” is Apples latest advertising and marketing strategy. Apple is making it fun, cool, and popular to stay active while promoting good health. There are three categories: Move, Exercise, Stand. The red ring is the Move category that the user can personalize on how many calories they want to burn each day. The next ring is the green Exercise which Apple preset a goal to move at least 30 minutes a day. The last ring is the blue Stand ring with is also preset to stand at least one minute in each hour a day, if you get 12 hours you complete the ring. If you complete all rings in a day you finish your goal which moves you toward certain preset achievements and award. Apple has designed this to be a fun motivational way to get people active which truly has changed society.

Cons: Although the Apple Watch is expensive, you get your moneys worth. All Apple technology is high end and the best in the market. The Apple Watch is at a reasonable price compared to its other products. It also comes with a warranty, sessions to learn how to use it, and the genius bar assists if there are any problems. Also there have been complaints it does not track sleep. Although this may be a con to some all products in the same field need to charge, preferably at night. The sleep tracking may not have been added to give time for the watch to charge so you can wear it all day. Spending money on this further technology that will mostly not be used by all would just hike up the price.

Conclusion: The Apple Watch has drastically advanced society in the last year, since its release. This stylish time piece makes communication easier then ever, supports physical and mental health, and has a practical yet stylish design. Not only is it a technological advancement but also changing society for the better.

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By: Mollie Pulte


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