San Francisco to Arch Cape California & Oregon

A total of 4 days and 25 hours on the road

On the way to our first destination we drove by Mount Shasta, Mount Bachelor and lots of small towns.

I wonder what you can buy here...

Sunriver Resort has condos that are dog friendly!
Shhhhh!!! Don't tell them I ran on the fairway!

In fact, the whole village is dog friendly!

Finally out of the car
I even got to read a book about Huskies!

With only one full day we spent the morning hiking to Benham Falls (5.5 miles).

More than half of the hike is paved (it's actually a long flat bike path) and completely off leash, but for those who want to wander off the beaten track, there are tons of trails throughout the park.

It felt like we were the only ones there.

I got the ball, now what?

I think I saw something!

I think I blend in pretty well 😏

Once you get to water, the remaining part of the trail is leash only.

Whoopsy daisy...

It gets rockier and steeper as you follow the water.

Dirt packed trails feels nice on the paws and feet 😊

Good thing it's leash only too, because the current picks up fast.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (a small lot at Circle 7 at the beginning of Sun-Lava trail and another big lot at the start of the waterfall trail for those who don't want to hike the 5.5 miles)
  • Yes, this is an off leash park until you reach the bridge (after the bridge it's leash only)
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • No, there are no water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins (at the larger parking lot at the waterfall)
  • No, there are no benches
  • Yes, there are toilets (at the larger parking lot at the waterfall)

5 more hours to Arch Cape/Short Sands/Cannon Beach

On the way you drive through lots of different national parks.

Logging is visible everywhere.

Did you know they replant large patches of trees?


Well, our friends' home, at least.

The backyard 😱
This beach is HUGE!
Heading back in before it rains

Short Sands Beach

A tucked away beach popular with surfers.

A short hike through a forest, first...

I walked to the waterfall!

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there's parking (parking lot)
  • Yes, this is an off leash beach (but leashes required on path to get to the beach)
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches (at trail end)
  • Yes, there are toilets (at parking lot and trail end)

Canon Beach

Famous for its monolith

Getting closer...

I thought Carmel was the friendliest doggy town but that was until I saw Cannon Beach town. Doggies everywhere!

And mostly big ones!

There's even a store called 'Dogs Welcome'

Human treats from Bruce's Candy Kitchen and doggie treats from Dogs Welcome
Can I try some, Dad?
Just a couple of guys hangin' out, and a baby...

We made it back to San Francisco in one day; 11 hours.

So what do I do in the car?

Mostly sit and sleep in all kinds of positions...

Overall, I think I was a great success on this trip. 😜

🐾 Caesar

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