Hollow Earth By:Oliver

Theory one

Did you know that from the earth's top to the center is 6,371 kilometers? The mystery is that the earth actually has something in it or if it's just hollow. Scientists think that it's just a sphere made out of elements but who knows it could be hell. The hollow earth is a big mystery that we need to figure out. Many people believe different things, thats why it's a mystery to all because nobody knows. Some scientists have discovered the core acting weird. What I mean by that is that strange things have happen. In this place these cars were lifting up into the air and crashing into the floor. Because scientists believe that it was all because then inner core. The Hollow earth is a highly debated and controversial issue that is still a mystery to all of us.

Majority of people believe that there's something down there which most people believe is the core. Which there probably is because without something that has gravity then we would be floating. As scientists have discovered there's something down there that holds gravity which is the core. They believe that a core shaped like a sphere is what holds the gravity. Thats what a lot of people believe. We know that the earth is broken down into layers. The outer atmospheric layer is the crust what you are standing on. Then is the mantle which is really hot rock under high pressure.

Inside the mantle, is the core what most of the people believe. Scientists also believe that is made of elements. Scientists have estimated that the earth's core can get up to 5,000 to 7,000 kelvin. Kelvin means the SI base unit of how hot it is.Which could be possible because there's no wind. Most people believe that the inner core does exist because the gravity. Strange things have happened lightly and scientists believe that it is because the inner core. Most people believe that it does exist because the gravity that holds us down to the ground. Here are some interesting facts. The Earth's inner core is the Earth's innermost part and according to seismological studies, it has been believed to be primarily a solid ball with a radius of about 1,220 kilometres 760 miles which is about 70% of the moon's radius. It is composed of iron nickel alloy and some light elements. Fun fact It was once believed that the earth's inner core was liquid, but Inge Lehmann a seismologist proved in theory in 1936 that the inner core was solid and the outer core was liquid. It hotter than laval

Theory two

Many people believe that the earth's center is made up of water. And the people that believe this theory say that thats where we get our water from.Also scientists believe that thats what causes some earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Some people believe that it can cover two and a half of the ocean. I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.Jacobsen and his colleagues are the first to provide direct evidence that there may be water in an area of the Earth’s mantle known as the transition zone. It's really big think about it. If you have seen an ocean then you can get a better picture thinking about it. It's deep under then ground.

What I believe

After much research on the topic of Hollow Earth, I have decided that I mostly agree with theory one. This theory states that the earth has a big sphere inside of it. And it's made of iron, metal, and copper with lots more different elements. I agree with this theory because the sphere is what's making us stay on the earth without it then we would just be floating around the earth we could also be in space dead. Also because the sphere is what has the gravity it holds it. Imagine the world without the sphere. If you did then imagine the world without gravity because the sphere is what carries the gravity. Inge Lehmann was a Danish mathematician. She worked at the Danish Geodetic Institute, and she had access to the data recorded at seismic stations around the world. She discovered the inner core of the earth in 1936. At the time, it was known that the mantle surrounded the core. Inge Lehmann discovered then inner core after a 1929 earthquake near New Zealand, Lehmann and others noticed something odd. Some of these waves could be faintly detected by seismometers in Europe. If the core were entirely molten, this shouldn't have been possible.While studying this data, Lehmann came to a realization that would revolutionize our understanding of the Earth. At the core's center, she figured out, is a ball of solid material. I personally believe this makes her an credible source on this topic. I also believe in this theory because It makes sense that a big sphere is at the center of the earth. Also because that sphere is what holds the earth's gravity it pulls us down so we can’t be floating.

The Hollow earth is a big mystery to all of us. This is a really important mystery because, if the inner core isn’t really there then we are walking on top of dead bodies and also, known as hell. Because who really knows what we are walking on. These two theories are just two there's lots more theory. These two are the most common theories. It's also is really good information because scientist have studied it and I have done little study to. This study affects human lives because what if these two theories aren’t really want we thought it could be we could just be walking on hell, or it could be that it's just blank and it's just a big hole and we could sink down to the grow. People should care because we need to find the mystery we can’t just live without knowing what's in the center. Just imagine if it's hell we need to start believing in god and in the devil. Or if it's the inner core that we need to figure out if thats what holds our gravity and pulls us down. What do you think is it hell or a sphere?

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