Museum of Natural History By: Travis Pope

The museum of natural had a variety of nature pieces on display, but none were quite was authentic as the Butterfly exhibit (obviously.... I mean... they're live butterflies). This exhibit helped me connect best with nature with the sounds of water trickling and the sight of butterflies flying around me.
Though this exhibit spoke nothing about nature and ethics as I went through it I couldn't help but to think of how mangrove environments such as these are slowly going into a decline due to pollution and human carelessness. Going though this exhibit made me realize that we need to protect such an interesting, complex, and beautiful environment for future generations to enjoy.
Lastly, viewing this diorama of a typical native american society helped me connect to who we are as a human race. We each have a role that must be played in order to have a functioning and thriving society. In these native american societies some were assigned to watch and take of children, while others hunted and fished. These activities were necessary for them to have so that each member can have enough to eat, and so that the children would make for good future society members.

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