The High Plains 5M Ada, MAllory, Ben g.

States in the High Plains are Southeastern Wyoming, Southwestern South Dakota, Western Nebraska, Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas, Eastern New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, and Northwestern Texas.
In the winter the High Plains gets an average of 60 inches of snow per year. The average high temperature is 38° and the average low is 18°.
In the summer it rains a lot. The High Plains gets an average of 10 to 20 inches of rain per year.
In the fall the usual high is 76° and the usual low is 46°.
In the spring the usual high is 76° and the usual low is 43°.

Climatologists use barometers to measure air pressure. They also use hygrometers to measure humidity. They use thermometers to to measure temperature. They use records and climograghs. Climatologists use these tools to measure climate.

This is a hygrometer, it is a tool climatologists use.
This is barometer, it is a tool climatologists use.
This is a 7 day weather chart
Dust Storms, blizzards, and tornados are common in the High Plains. This is an example of a dust storm.
An historic event in the High Plains is the blizzard of 1971.
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