Orange the new black?

Orange Asprins. Hope you will not need some after this viewing.

Week 12 is Artistic Orange

What makes Orange
Halloween year round

This pumpkin that was never removed from Halloween and has turned gruesome.

When I visualized last week's theme numerous ideas crossed my mind. Seemed like an easy week but here I am into week 13 fallen back and trying to catch up.

I have never thought much about the color orange nor paid any special attention to it until last week. (Being in Colorado, I should because it's the official color of the Denver Broncos Football Team)

On roads and road signs, food wrappers and bottle caps, from shoes, cheese balls and gold fish, the color orange is so silently prominent everywhere. Suddenly it stood out.

Do you ever get the same feeling when you see or pay more attention to a particular object or theme (color in this case) after you gave it some importance? Prior to week twelve's exercise, the only time I consciously paid attention to the color orange was its correspondence to the citrus fruit.

The color orange occurs between red and yellow in the visible spectrum. Below are the photos for week 12.

Orange Fish
Ready for Swim
Orange Sole
Settled Orange
Rows of men's Shorts
Felt Stack
Folded T's
Cheese Balls
Dog Tennis Balls

The assignment for week 12 specified Artistic Orange so taking these in the plain and simple route admittedly is lame. I will try harder.

For week 12, I noticed so many creative work of art by most participants of Dogwood 52 week Photography Challenge. Congratulations.

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Raja Vanathandavar

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